I’m Pflugergasted!!! Pete Davidson has a modest bulge!

Deer, Sam Bee… don’t pretend you don’t know what Öüï is talking ’bout, eh? NOW we know the rest of H.E.R. Story, heck Jason Jones, it was written Right D.A.R.E. in the name: G.R.A.N.D.E., just like TEXAS!!! —Yee-Haw.

… Ladies in Gemini, to be honest, we the staff of this most NON-Consequential blog never thought that America (sin acento) would make, IT!, this far, but we’re here, it’s Sunday, November the 1st 2020, TWO THEYs before Election Day and this is:

America’s first-call to civil unrest
it’s official now
That's Rodrigues with an ese

That’s Rodrigues sin tilde and, as Judge Jeannine Perrowait!!! WATT??? Stipe D.A.T.*Judge Jeannine PIRRO, Knot perra, screamed in the role of Cecily Strong, “with an « eSe » because Geronimo is a Portuguese Manowar 🦞 0A6A3011-2A42-4310-AD8A-411B45E932BE 🗣

Texas is blowin’ Dixie…
and Dwight Yoakam is a thousand miles from now-here.

Meanwhile in Paris, Matt Bradley (cooper) needs to stop sensationalizing his Correspondence with Dem peacocks back in New York, New York. IN•DEED, Mr. Cooper, the bottlenecked Auto Route that you saw Friday are not what you REPORTED that they were; HERE’s Why, white boy:


PSA for NBC… coincidence, only if you live in a Shithole country that doesn’t have a Social Contract with it’s  its working-class heros, Matt.

The Frogs, and other assorted resident fauna were not FLEEING Paris because of the lock-down, you fucking Dolt! C’mon, Man!!! Youse embarrasing good old Dickey… does anybody remember Dickie?

Well d’ya, Punk?

… and now, Ladies in Porky’s pig, Öüï is not going to stand for half-ass SciencesPo-style buzzfeed journalism, so to remedy the on-going debacle of WHO d’fuck is supposed to bring the Bacon home, the following is an update on how Christopher Dickey is doing, and Öüï is happy to report that upon descending to the negative 4th Dimension, Chris went ahead and surrendered his Orange Crush (ghosts have no Spines—ask Stipe) and he is walking Ralph Lauren* right now in the 6éme de Saint Germain-des-Près, people WHO know call, IT!, the left-bank or something like D.A.T…

For those Knot in the Texas Loop 375, please consult your Programa Paisano (alas previous to the Pandemic) to contrast the “embotellamientos” all along the Texas bordos watchtowers during school breaks. This is why the San Jeronimo express-güey was conceived in Ciudad Juárez… to MITIGATE from la raza de juaritos que cruza la frontera a DIARIO nomas pa’jalar, ese. C’est Normal dice una niña achicharrada.

Hoy no hubo Jazz

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