Deer, Matt Bradley… [D]on’t forget to Fall-Back

Foreward to:
D. D. Guttenplan at The Nation… [A]nd the good thing about this most non–consequential blog, Ms. Van den Huevel, is that neither of your former collaborators, John Mill Ackermann and Chris Hayes, will get to read, IT!

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It’s High Noon at the Latin Quarter in Paname
—Les choses qu’on on dit, les choses qu’on fait…
o como dice RACHEL VAMPIRE:
Watch what they Do,
what They Say, period!


Is there any sort of “life line” from fideicomisos tied to the Mexican government in the Cátedra Gilberto Bosques at the Higher Learning institute o Latin American studies at Saint Germain-des Près?

If so, Then:
62% of French people will dance to Thriller, this Halloween.

If Knot, then:
32% will not care a razón de lo espeluznante que se ve [venir] la navidad.

de cualquier manera cómo está eso de pasar al ejercito mexicano el manejo de los dineros d’esos mentados fideicomisos, y cuál es la diferencia entre gastar el dinero en programas de capacitación de guaruras (como el de Genaro García Luna) y las supuestas “cátedras en astro•logía” para las cuales, por ejemplo NIEL deGRASSE TYSON no reuniría los requisitos místicos del nuevo modelo de “becas”, o algo así.

In other words Don D. Guttenplan, to put it in terms that even Jean-Luc Berjon may understand, say a fucking [BRIBEABLE] 2nd Lieutenant receives two different requests to fund a 6-year PRISONS STUDY research project, one is from, say, Alexis de Tocqueville and the other from Florence Marie Cassez. Guess who would receive the funding, the ONE who can show EXPERIENCE WITH CHILD TRAUMA, —of course.

https ://www .fatherly .com /news /the-election-day-asteroid-is-the-size-of-a-refrigerator/


The following must be read in a

The following must be read in a Beijing Barry voice 🛎 ACA9523E-C152-4605-8116-4777C9704FA7 📎
— Now look here, Yazmin Vassoughian, youse on the PM section of the Comcast Building, Baby!…
You can have all of the Ron Burgundy moments with the teleprompter and Bill Krystol [that fucking altar boy] but don’t ya’…
bring all them Morjo quotes to Prime Time.
HISTORY WILL NOT remember a gad damned fly if Trump steals the election BECAUSE history is written by those with PALANCAS WITH BERNARDO GÓMEZ and the Mexican Army on the François Hollande Communications Ministry. There’s a brief chapter on that Hit Parade on Bastille They 2015… look, IT! up.

… wait a minute, hey Little Boy! What who are you and what did you do to Alicia Menendez? You are not fooling anybody WITT them jammies on American Voices, if this was the Univision [as opposed to the TELEMUNDO hideagüey] national headquarters, don Jorge Ramos would have none of D.A.T.!!!

With that in mind Paola… it’s a good thing that you won’t watch how öüï navigates.


It’s 2 am in Paris and Öüï is going to profit from the extra hour of sleep happening right now so catch youse in a few after a quick nap.

… Alicia is a secret PSG fan, yeah—Buddy!

And in Washington, Lorde Lorne went ahead and kissed Tom Hanks turning that fucker into H.E.R.: Adele, and Öüï must timestamp this, Tom Hanks hasn’t looked this hot since the Bachelor Party, It’s 5h20 in UnSynched Time with the Rosbif’s time in New York.

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