Dear, Paola Ramos… it’s Weekend Edition

Dear, Pao, please inform Latino U.S.A., that “coyotes” are what Cuban-american terrorists use to circumvent “black-ops” from Congress, DONC(key)…

The proper term to use for the “middle-men” involved in crossing Central American [mostly] families is:

POLLEROS, pronounced, po•YE•ros.

With this in mind, “Hear Yeh, hear yeah!”:

Tom Hanks is The Devil, and that sonovabitch is back from a Bachelor Party… this here, Jonathan LeMire is the sketch that our deer Lorde Lorne is not willing to run on his Saturday night live Show, which prompts to beg, or questions the following, did you enjoy the Session of “los amigos invisibles?”… [E]ye aimed to please.

BUT FO’ist, öüï now return to our most non-consequential Halloween Horror Special:

Eye knows what Mitch did Last Summer.

Senate Mayority Leader, Mitch McConnell (R–KY) spends the Summer all along the Florida coast line impregnating pretty Sea Turtles…Mitch couldn’t FUCK’em All, but that son-of-a-bitch did manage to knock 1 in every 44 turtles along that fucking State.

The storyline is yet another bastardization of the Epic of Elpenor (look it up) which öüï went ahead and hijacked from Chapters 10-11 of a cuento called The Odyssey, or something like that. The twist in this churro radica en que en vez de utilizar a los cerdos como sirenas, en este sketch the staff used a tortoise (Mitch McConnell) en el sincretismo, —yeah, doña Tati.

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