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Hit me with a shovel ’cause I can’t believe that I dug you.

Previously on Eye can Sí for Miles:

Quick recap

Quick recap .:. 7B3F6322-1E14-47C2-A9AB-C644A673D7FA 🧶 So how about D.A.T., former secretary of defense, “The honorable” William SEBASTIAN Cohen*, has IT! been 25 years since the last mayor boom of military-contracted movers for the AFN/PAL region freq’s.? —_•!•_— Boy, Eye tells you, it sure feels like such a long-long time ago, and “there you go again”, U.ncle S.am, scaring the bee-gee’Sus out of my favorite cum-bucket town: Vilseck. \_•¡•_/ Fast-forward to Last-Week today, Sir, and Lemmy tells you that you —motherfucker— are not fooling any single swinging dick DOWN RANGE with your ambiguos musings about being a “little bit BIDEN, and a little on SUSAN COLLINS (R–MAINE) pay roll”… and did Öüï mention that Susan Collins is a prosthetic C.unt for the Donald John Trump re-election movement?

Issy, no pun intended Cousin Joe, but to misquote Mel Brook-es-es “Robin Hood”:

Unlike other Americans who arrived on The MAYflower, Eye can speak with a real* Hispanic accent

and for the record, senator Cruz (R-TX), when your boys mention the word “RAZA”, Eye must tell you, –Sir, that Eye does not think that it SIGNIFIES, what those dumb sons-of-bitches think that IT!, illustrates… with D.A.T. in Mind, Alicia Menendez (sin acento):

Viva Las Vegas, Movement N° 499 en El Vez sostenido mayor.

… Alicia Menendez, sin acento –off course– is Hallie Jackson, en Inglés —of course.

If the photo fits

If the photo fits

https ://www .salon .com /2020/10/12 /susan-collins-wrote-legislation-that-made-millions-for-her-husbands-lobbying-firm/

Hoy no hubo Jazz.

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