Hey, Motherfuckers! It’s Saturday Knight

BALD POWER! 🥊🎾 🥁🎸it seems Mr. Goldblum, that Deer LORNE grew a pair… White jack must follow.


WynoDix… pronounced Öüï•no•Dis. It’s very timely, —Knot ironic— that Jack’s pila está bien apretada, Eye likes it, but isn’t anybody going to help that poor man with his drum set? He’s going to bust his back (punto y coma).

Three Souls in My Mind is on stage right now, aPriétame más… pure power, and Eye hopes that The Animals, Deer Lorde, “don’t let Mí bee misunderstood,” period.

Heard on one of them New York Minutes:

I don’t give a damn about the Poles…

2 sets later the Pole takes

Boulogne-Billancourt, by storm, and y’all know that Öüï can’t make this shit up.

https ://apnews .com /article /french-open-archive-tennis– 21fa12f9c13c9a9fcc9159dd681b0b43

And now, el reporte del tiempo from 30 Rock’s outhouse over at channel 4… “el cuatro”:

More penises are appearing on TV and in film – but why are nearly all of them prosthetic? .:. A8B59D26-8588-4E5B-86E2-1718517822F1 🍆 https :// the conversation .com/ more-penises-are-appearing-on-tv-and-in-film-but-why-are-nearly-all-of-them-prosthetic -146906

Still to come… öüï does not know, it’s Improv Knight at peacock central, and Sunday morning in Paname, which as John Lithgow knows, because he told the World on The Alix Witt show just Yesterday, that Babylon One is where Disney plus Actor, Rick Moranis, moved after realizing that Babylon Two is too close to godliness and way too far from Sin, which is why that poor mental health patient without his meds suckered punched the beloved actor in the face. Let’s make a They for CRAZY people, and Perlita, D.A.R.E. is no better time like Today.

Weekend Edition

Please continue with u.s., or Knot, on PAGE 6… the NSFW section of this most non–consequential blog-press live from a sexo trabajadora’s Love Shack on the shifty side of Manu Chao’s Boulogne Town.

But before we switch, IT!, over to Mongo Santamaría at the Siren Den, con una tal Lupe… the Celia Cruz NSFW version of the Latin Soul danza, sends “un besito” straight from the set of Sleepy Joe’s Café, where Ashley Parker is playing the role of an undercover F.B.I. asset at a Roadhouse in Natchez, Alabama.

Anyhow, The Boss left a note on the Vacuum Tube Console stating that, Saturday Night Live has not had a Jolt of Energy shoved down the non–viewers EYES, since the Boys From Jersey, SKID ROW, and the Brooklyn Dodgers, a.k.a. The Beastie Boys, sabotaged the chain gang… yeah Buddy, it was a long-long time ago, Nirvana was about to hit the scene. Last night’s Jacques Blanco performance was worthy of giving that lad and the rhythm section a Saint’s title: Santiago Blanche y sus cueros doblados (en Spanglish).

Page Six from Outer Insiders

Page Six from Outer Insiders WITT, Katty Kay .:. 389267BF-EAAE-48C3-8A78-3EB6EBF2B104 🏄🏽‍♂️ Time check for tele transporters and their Stow•A•Güey.

—–> Eye knew that Michael Che was going to Do, Bellflower (ROSE, Maximus) before you got out of your Apartment, Gnome…

In the Mean Time, “Take 10”, and Eye will by the next Round, Susana.

So c’mon Motherfuckers! Ketch Up!!! Get IT‽

EYE Screamers

EYE Screamers… ya’Fucking Drunk!

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