Descubriendo lo perdido… o algo así con Hermann Bellinghausen

Con todo respeto… Eye hopes that you are up now, Cougar follows.

The devil is in the details

The devil is in the details .:. 960F133F-70C7-4CE2-8527-2D68010B2553 👩‍⚕️… full-disclosure for Willie Geist, Eye is not a Juris Doctor, but Eye has been royally fuq’d by a few, and Mika, i remind your beau on the MorJo Show D.A.T. Eye did sleep with a couple of medical doctors and nurses on pup-tents, KNOT at the same time, and off-course, sometimes at a Holiday Inn… Tea—for the Lady, s.v.p..

in Hilo, Hawaii it is 11h40 on a Monday night, and Eye is up to wiTTness different Scripts Play Out. Goooooooooo, Dodgers, it’s just the opener, no pun intended stay fresh, at 101° F. Aussi, this time Yesterday, Kasie Hunt was spotted stalking a French Poodle’s tail on-line. Are You Awake Now

The history of America is under a radical remodelación.”

And Eye is not even talking about Caracas, which has been erased on from a map by NBC in New York.

Deer, Nicolle Wallace, i’m so high right now, D.A.T. Eye is wondering if William Shatner would have made a better president, i mean, with all the bullshit he (Donald) peddles… jeez, U.S.! It’s a no brainer.

Think about it, Pundit, Captain J.T. Kirk  is at least a better pitchman… you hear D.A.T.? Of course not, Nicolle Wallace does not read u.s..


Attention special FX shoppers

Attention special FX shoppers, looking for a bigger Bang for your prosthetic phalluses-es needs, search no Moore because Uncle Kim Bang Industries in North Korea just paraded the new line of prosthetic intercontinental penis-es 💥 2EEE257B-2E36-4AFC-8641-B1DD4AC9D4C5 🎲 Created with only ONE market in mind, and from Europe, those big screen BestBuy customers don’t use PAL.

Anuncio: Py on G y Ang (ie) LTD.
Jingle: Now with only a 3 Minute Delay

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /cultura /2020/10/12 /la-caida-de-cristobal-colon-hermann-bellinghausen– 3076 .html

— So, the confirmations hearing for yet another of Trumps (confirmation) judges is going through the motions, and the Mexican style playbook from the past 100 years, is at play. Why in California, of all places, dummy mail-in drop boxes are popping up along the scorched sun shine State. Perhaps that is why we never received an answer from the Registrar’s office, my ballot request probably ended up going into a fake post-office, or something like that. No Biggie.

Los Amigos Invisibles

Los Amigos Invisibles de LeClerk.

Still to come:
Really, it’s No Biggie, it was all reduced to a failed experiment,
“but don’t you”
call my Civic masturbation A Jack-off Show.

Anyhow, one of those paid contributors on the pundit sphere, you know the kind, Hallie Jackson, “experts”, navel gazed at her spy camera and pondered, “that IF Donald Trump would have incurred the charges for his visit to Walter Reed he would have been bankrupt,” which is complete horse puckey, or horse shit if you happen to be from Nicolle Wallace’s home turf: Orange County, California, and here’s why:

1. All republicans from California, including the ones walking around in shame with their political version of a “Scarlet letter” stamped on their chests, are from Orange County in the same way that all Distinguished Armor Technicians are from Kentucky, including them dumb ass tankers like Donald’s Secretary of State. Dumb ass tankers are know to be part of a treasonous group within the U.S. Army that goes by the acronym FTA (no periods) , and which should not be confused with the illustrious order that shares the same letters but with periods between each glyph. FTA stands for Fuck The Army (like Mike Pompeo is doing right now), while F.T.A. is of course Future Tankers of America. The FTA fuckers can be found throughout all Military Occupational Specialties, especially with them “grunt” and/or the jar head types in uniform, while F.T.A. elements can only be forged at Fort Knox, because the Future Tankers of America are worth their weight in Au (pronounced like a Howl, Jerry) because D.A.T.’s GOLD Jerry! Gold. 60 Tons of it for every squad, plus the weight of each of the four operators that make that beast go, BOUM🗯.

2. If Donald Trump had to pay for his visit to the Army’s hospital it would imply that Hillary would be president right now, and Donald would be a civilian, WHICH, by way of logic would cancel that paradox (if Eye may call, IT!, D.A.T. being that every fucking little thing qualifies as an IRONIC example in the Trump Administration) because if Trump would have caught the COVID-19 in the same way that HE CAUGHT SEXUAL TRANSMITTED DISEASES during his convalescent exemption from D.U.T.Y. in Da’NAM, then Donald would be a dead motherfucker, because there would have been no experimental cocktail of medicines for him to take (punto y coma) even if Hillary would have kept the COVID numbers to NEW ZEALAND standards… come to think of, IT!, what if the wholeDonald Trump tested positive for COVID-19,” thing was STAGED?Like the issue with President Obama’s birth certificate reality show fiasco, eh? A fake REPUBLICAN PARTY affair.

What if Trump FAKED DAT he had CoViD-19, Pundit? Eye mean, D.A.R.E. is no proof that he caught it, all that the AMERICAN PEOPLE LYING EYES SAW was a fucking clown (our apologies to C.L.O.W.N.S.) put on a military med•evac show just like a fucking dictator would do or, a failed President, such as Nixon would be forced to engage in.

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