And in France, NANCY is on stage, while in WaWa Land…

And in Washington, it’s “How to turn into Hitler in 4 years or less”, WITT your host, the Contagious–in–Chief.

Episode One: The Pilot program, just the facts ma’am.

One guitar, Two Guitars

One guitar, Two Guitars, no problemo. The staff is used to Rabbits that Hunt Tigers… or BIG Pussies like Donald John Trump.

… [N]ow D.A.T.’s just Erie, Joe, what will these Frogs think of N.E.X.T.? Sampling canvases? Deer, LORDE! The Güey, Eye see IT! This move is not going to go well with The Blind Alabama Choir bunch… how the fuck are they supposed to WATCH music.

Sonata Insensata

Sonata Insensata 🎸 037FBF70-F18A-477A-84AD-85CAA04FA57A .:.

Oh, the humanity, tell you what Sirene, let’s put Norway on the back-burner (this bird has flown) and head over to The Movies:

I GET IT, those zombies are not a militia

The Zombies

The Zombies 🧟‍♂️ BAD06518-0A40-4C0F-8495-7B5B1033945C 🧟‍♀️ THIS Time Around, The Walking Dead have all the weapons… and them Monsters be trigger happy.


Catching up with the Brooks-es-esos, cualquier parecido a la pandemia que se vaticinó en este episodio de La Historia del Horror, es pura COINcidencia.

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