Well will you look at the dentils… with Jon Meachum

After the break on the Spy vs. Spy Network:
Black Spy fights the VANILLA I.C.E. bunch who make a Sweet Hawaiian leisure short look like shit. In this episode, Brown Asset recovers a dozen Hawaiian shirts from the Ted Nugget flaccid dick gang from Natchez, off-course.

It's like Friend without the ARE

It’s like Friend without the ARE .:. 04B21665-2C9A-443C-8800-85F2C42D6A38 🆚

It’s Weekend Edition, and answering the untimely signal of a piano player of fip . jazz earlier in the week, Avi Velshi turned into a Big motherfucking WereWolf, and he’s about to rip to shreds a few of the “damned” who gave Hawaiian shirts a Bad Name, just like Governor Chis Chrispy did for New Jersey.

In•Deed, Niño Luc, indeed. And although the programming monkees at the Siren Den tried “their D’Are–n–d’EST” to mitigate the Sélène effect on the non–listeners by changing the “ESE” for an “Hache”, which as any self-respecting Mariachi knows, “La Hache es muda”, S.I.R.E.N.E., but knot Def, ya’Fucking Lepard. With D.A.T. in mind please be advised that the Eight letter can most certainly spell out a HOWL de aquí hasta Halloween.

Off-course the Warning was in January

Mis Tres Notas .:. D07AA67B-3A7C-4534-B7E5-CB2B6D486049 … It is incumbent on the non-readers of this most non consequential blog–presse to head over to the first week of January 2020 when, öüï introduced y’all to America’s boogie-monsters, because…
It’s the 60th Anniversary of
The Twilight Zone… “[T]he place is a madhouse, feels like being cloned.”

In-house Advertorial:

https ://asegovia3 .com /2020/01/01 /we-never-thought-that-ouid-make-it-this-far/

For the record, Eye would give the source of the following disclosure, but then Eye would have to kill you, so take the following spiel with a grain of salt:

As a result of that hyperlink TypoOhNegative, Saint Denis has no choice but to send a wire to La Union just to log a SANTO en el Santoral y por Supuesto, al LOBO-Hombre on page 23 of N° 2561 of Defendente Génolini’s “DETÉNTE, Cabrón”, en la Semana Que Philippe Labró en París.


Page xxiii: https ://kiosque .cnews .fr /player/?q=NEP&d=2020-10-09&c= CNEWS

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