We never thought that Öüï’d make it this far

Happy New Year.
“We’ve got FIVE Years,
that’s all we’ve got”

It's here — get over it

It’s here — get over it .:. 09F25324-9A93-4A94-80BF-F724C76CDCAA •|• Hoy no hay Jornada, « La » au Le Mexique. As for U.S. we have no fucking new year’s resolutions.

Thanks Australia.

Moving on  it’s High Noon in CET and before the local news begin covering the Opera Symphony de Paris play Sgt. Pepper’s when Eye is 64 in Universal currency, La Jornada en México hoy no trabajó… as for Mí:

It’s the 60th Anniversary of
The Twilight Zone… “[T]he place is a madhouse, feels like being cloned.”

Párrafo ’19 — FFWD from '86

Párrafo ‘19 — FFWD from ’86 .:. 2B0CE820-BCD9-49B7-9DB7-5475AC636376 -^•!•^- Párrafo 19, “La sociedad en el espejo de las princesas”; by Carmen Lira Saade en La Jornada: 
… [B]y then, a tight feedback had been established between La Jornada and its readership. Trespasses and corruption schemes were brought to light in the readers comments section
[Section, which by-the-way «B.E.C.A.M.E. Obsolete » from the reader’s feedback options of La Jornada at around the time of the re-boot of the Year of Mexico at Parque de La Villette (75019)… casi esquina con la rue Puebla; page 605].

Yeah there’s a storm on the loose, sirens in my head
I’m wrapped up in silence, all circuits are dead
I cannot decode, my whole life spins into a frenzy

Párrafo n°4, ibid.

On Paper

Raúl Gonzáles Walks in El EY and he gets the Gold!!! Nobody Walks in L.A…. On paper, Mexico is fucking awesome .:.



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