To: Leo Orellana (Casa de latino América, París, Francia)

Cc: Los Amigos de México en Francia, Ciudadanos de Javier Sicilia en Trocadero

Bcc: Monsieur le Président de la Court

En contexto para la banda

En contexto para la banda .:. 33F81364-0496-4488-8393-0C662C57A853 🗣 Adventures in sentence structures and other assorted savings. —_!_— Sponsored by:  Western Azteca Orlandi Elektra Union.

“Los mexicanos que se van a los Estados Unidos no son como los mexicanos que se vienen a Francia¹”… o algo así.

En Contexto:
la frase se remonta al periodo formativo de Morena-Francia cuando los ciudadanos por la paz con justicia y dignidad (o algo así) aún no sabían si eran YoSoy132, YoSoy132-académicos, o miembros pasivos del aparato de alcance [ciudadano] del Servicio Exterior Mexicano en Francia (2011–2015).

Testimonio Propio:
por aquellos días, Sheryl Crow, it would make sense to revisit Yesterday’s MorJo Show, which by-the-guey on the drums,  featured a story on your same time-slot, no less, about a disgusted C.I.A. founder that found himself outnumbered [from the-get-go] by “citizens” of the old Stalinist guard all across Europe… the tale is called “The Quiet Gringos”, or something like  D.A.T…

This ain't no Bistro

This ain’t no Bistro

Case in point:
https ://www .proceso .com .mx /644963 /amlo-se-sube-al-avion-presidencial-para-promover-la-rifa
for the old Mexican political guard protesting the Merida Plan at Trocadero Square the closest thing to the Arab Spring tailwinds of 2011 (which at the time, the Frente Amplio Mexicano and The Mexican Friends in France were staging) were the “DESAFUERO” protests against the man who refuses to fly on the motherfucking plane that he was ISSUED, and not the commercial airliner of his choice.

Watch Out Kay n°6!!!

Watch Out Kay n°6!!! To celebrate Mexican Independence Day (knot!) a Televisa Deportes se les escapó una Defensa, Oh The HUAWEI’s.:. 727C5E84-24EF-4815-B6DA-5EB75637800A ⚽️ “Para los que quieren y aman el fútbol,” Estefanía 1ª de La Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza llega por la retaguardia, ¡vayan preparando sus pasteles, porqué aquí va a ver hasta elefantes* de los que los Franchutes de La Sierra no van a poder ni tocar!.

* Deer, Q-ano-n, don’t you go relating my Alp-Crossing elephants with your fake-ass republican pachyderms, because our cute little Dumbos can be traced back to Cartagena… and not the  San Diego Zoo, Yeah Buddy!


And in Washington, we [the staff] have to apologize to Professor at Princeton, Eddie Gloude Jr. —the third, because Morning Joe will not bee able to fit Jimmy on/in the show.


Over at the Justice Department of Donald John Trump, the “top” lawyer in the country just revealed to the entire world (del mundo de Le Monde, off–course) that “the” BARr exam is a sham.

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