Intermedio with Ashley Parker

Previously on “A clean desk is the billboard of a dirty mind”, Ashley was in the middle of an audition, and her plant was A.W.O.L. on the set.

Synopsis: Ashley failed miserably at the audition and the plant is fine.

And now, with all due respect, “The Rest Of The Story”, narrated by Hallie Jackson (in the role of Lester Holt).

— Break a leg.

— Have fun with Mika at the French Riviera.

Those were the parting words between Ashley and the plant. The reporter headed to the community theater and The Plant boarded the company’s shuttle SUV that delivered her to a private hangar where Mika was already on her second cocktail. Little did The Plant know that she  would earn her Femen “wings” after the most unfortunate of events which developed after a French gendarme got between a pair of free boobs and the Sun.

Meanwhile at the community theater, Ashley was about to called onto the stage to do her thing but just like the actor who can’t deliver tears when the script calls for crying, Ashley couldn’t help making out with the electrician on the set rendering her not fit to fill the role of a virgin wanting to suicide. That day, the leading role went to a young lady from Canoga Park, the only item under the experience section of her resume was that she once won the first prize at a wet t–shirt contest at this dive called “La Brasserie”. Eye thinks that her name was Mabel, or Sheryl, or Hun or Bunny or Darling—the thing is, that with that catholic girl look she was made to play that role.

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