Here’s a Thing that the French want you to KNOW : The RNC’s theme is Riefenstahl’s “Will of a Nation”

Dear, Fellow Honorary Mexican, Revered Al Sharpton:

“There were good people on both sides“

“There were good people on both sides“ .:. 8404C722-FB0F-4308-BBFB-C84870F294B1 .:. The Tiki Torches in Virginia episode was only a “Beatles Album”  BON Fire of the Triumph of Trump’s Will*.

* William Barr, ATTY at LAW.
https ://www .rfi .fr /en /france /20200822-french-president-macron-expresses-anger-at-graffiti-denying-world-war-two-atrocities-oradour-sur-glane

Sir, I hate to say, IT!, but History is Telegraphing the United States of America, and if Joe Biden plays “rope–a–dope” with North Carolina, the Blue Wave campaign is going to suffer an upset… [B]ecause as y’all know, History tends to rhyme and Sir, “the purity verses” are beginning to fertilize the “memories” with their compost, no pun intended, Mr. Tyler… just a fact, and if you sleep in September, my deer “American Idiot”, well then you won’t need to ask for a wake-up call for DEM hours when MEXICAN HERITAGE month, “ends…”, so Eye hopes that y’all had the, “time of your life”.

Curb your Enthusiasm:

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