Previously on, Armañac: the thing that the very French don’t want you to see

Barbara McQualeude reports from the State of Comatose, where the Nationalist Anthem is: MURDER! By Numbers.

Amarillo no me pongo

Amarillo no me pongo
amarillo es mi color .:.
BC310A14-B751-437B-84EF-A161CE529ADA 🔊🎶 Two of u.s. ( if you dig The Dark Horse)… like, a Rolling Stone, and The F.B.I.—C.I.A.! BBC. Dig, IT!, dig, IT!.

The ironic part in this composition, Avi Velshi (and you know this) is D.A.T. the best executioners for this hymn is The Police.

And now… The rest of the story, yeah Buddy!

You might recall Paul Harvey’s “if I was the devil”… or something like D.A.T. with a General’s rank; it’s exactly like One of those on Fifth Ave., perhaps that is why, hoy–no–hubo J•A•Z²… DEM dog’on Sirens just made my They. Damn you Siren! You made a Square out of “Z”, but it is a helluva hook on that lower 45° of the first letter (from Right-to-Left)… tell you what, Siren, watch how we knock it down. Eye’m gonna straighten that hook just for fun. It’s the 9th round of 12 and we are transmiting Live from San Juan de Los Lagos, where Hellboy is beating the shit out of The Devil… oh! The Humanity!!!

Put on your high heels, Harris

Put on your High heels, Harris 🥊 23E127B6-4074-4718-81E2-5AB1BBE66216 .:. Indeed, the list of boxing royalty is all here, at Ringside with Larry Merchant is former Heavyweight Champion of the world, —Orlando Holyfield. Orlando is the fo’ist blind boxer to have conquered the title; his trainer, José “strings” Feliciano is translating for Orlando.

Round 9, with the Card Girl… Alicia Menendez

— Larry Merchant:
How ’bout that hook on the “7th” part of the letter “Z”, eh?

— “Strings” Feliciano:
Oye mi negro, ¿cómo crujió la Qijada de la primera letra (de Derecha a Izquierda)?

— Orlando Holyfield:
Larry, D.A.T. motherfucker went Zoom, y se sintió como un “Spike de Covi’d” en Tejas… what’s that vibe in the Air? Is that RED?

The Tale of The Tape

The Tale of The Tape .:. FBEA2656-62D8-4FC1-9ACC-70488C51E584 🐥

— LM and SF respond in unison:
Champ, you ain’t nuttin’ but a hound dog!

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