Here’s another thing D.A.T. the very French don’t want you to know

In•deed, Brandy. But not just any Brandy¹, “Ladies Man”, öüï’s talking original Weekend Edition vintage quality here, not the Napoleonic trip of an Alpha empire. In•deed, Jeff Benes² we [the staff] are going to dust-off the old records and search for the original potion to heal all known and unknown ailments to come, heck if aged correctly it can even cure a Corona cruda. Yeah Buddy

Sketch rating .:.

Sketch rating .:. 10447A67-9591-4504-B323-CEDEEB0FFC09 🗺 This Sketch Has Not Yet Bean Rated, period —_¡_—  …[B]ut for starters Richard Louí, DOCK that LinDsey Riser pundit a THEYS PAY for identifying PANDAS with the wrong ISO regional identifier; but DO give her credit fot that Dodger Blue ‘cobija’ that she’s wearing. For the record, Ms. Riser, ALL 🐼pandas🐼 outside of… the “continental” Peoples Republic of SHYNA, ShyNA!!! Are in cautiverio, Lindsey Risner, that’s true for Tohui at the CDMX Zoo, or for the new Cub at CAPITOL HILL, or do you think that D.A.T. 🐻bear🐻 is exceptional, eh? Off-course s/he is knot! Pandas are the official mascots of all 🦅Jail-byrds🦅. 🐶Yeah Buddy!🐶… and that includes Evry body on Lockdown. FOR THE RECORD, 🦝Paul Manafort🐼 is the silliest of all the PANDAS in YALE.


So, Rev. Al, do you know why the Caged Byrd Sings?

Jessica Wabbit

Jessica Wabbit‽ .:. 6E7552C3-7E17-4A11-BF2D-0F472A990E87 🦵🏻It’s, knot one of DEM “Three-pointers”.

Let’s ask Professor Wynton Marsalis.

But FO’ist, please take a knee, —or knot— for the Runner-up to replace “oh say can you see”… [P]lease give a hand to tonight’s conductor, Mr. Barry White:


¹ Yii•eh•ah, but not Couvoisier because that Japanese (owned) Spirit is reserved for Cinco de Mayo y las celebraciones de La China Poblana en Camarón, Veracruz.

Traité sur l'Union européenne

Traité sur l’Union europÉenne .:. 36C5AE2D-58FA-4D1A-8472-F6AB13960F12 🐔 Eye did tell y’all that M. de Tocqueville was going to take you to Loué, didn’t Eye‽ —_¿_— All D.A.T. Eye can say is that One out of EVRY Four Cool Cats is not happy about this, especially, Alicia Menendez, after Capitol Records told Ringo Starr that THEY would save one for him, but our prediction is that by the time Saints George, Paul (not Fowl) and John, get their latest Billboard message, they too will not Let IT Bee 100% with the new look of Mr. Postman in that UnderTaker cloak.

* Note to Rick Tyler for a future sketch: deer, Sir, D.A.T. D.A.R.E. sure is one Franciscan garden for your compost… but EVRY body knows that humus is where IT’S at. Aussi, en negritas, please remind AM Joy that öüï knows that Venus is a boy and that Jon Meachum will be playing from the LOVEcraft catalogue to the beat of The Darkest of The White House Thickets. P.S., I Love You, and just to add contrast to your shrubs, Mr. Rick Tyler, here’s the link for that humus D.A.T. Eye, was plotting just for the start of Politics Nation:

30 de nov (COP -a- Plea21… Kyoto. i stand corrected.)

* Note to Jacob Soboroff for an on-going thing… that sure is a nice indoor olive sapling you got dare in El Ey, pero lo que La Banda quiere saber es si el zaguán d’ese chante es de expropiación?

² Jeff Benece Benes is the illegitimate love child of The Ladies Man and Elaine Benes, for the purposes of this particular sketch, the role of Jeff Benes is to be delivered by Pheasant Peacock Pavo White House correspondent, Geoff Bennett.

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