Phil Rucker: Americans are stupid | Digresión on Deadline.

Indeed… it’s tailgate politics time now.

Back to you Rev., … oh, them pundits are soft!

[… if you haven’t been paying attention, Vaudeville didn’t excite the Clinton generation, what makes you think that virtual message is going to excite the ones that are going to give BARRON the throne*].

* and you can thank, Donnie Deutsch, aussi.

… DEER, Jeff, don’t be affraid of reading your notes on-the-air, it will probably make you look anal retentive, pero; no como un pinche HULEROOoooo! Hul-er-ohhhhh.

And, no, Purple Pundit… the answer is NO. We are not talking PORK BARRELL M1A1’s in Lima, O•hi•O; no Maam’ this “thootpaste” tube can only be unfucked if the USPS was preparing a surprise update before the X-MÁS rush.

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