Pg. 55 and 84: devoción on a tight rope

Previously on, Les veines ouverts de Sofia Vergara’s “devotion bag”, Paola Ramos was chasing Fidel who was running with a Dolce & Gabbana®️ [hand] bag in Manhattan.

… But FO’ist!, The Battle for Europe.

The Catalonians were no match for them and on Sunday night the Bavarians will be facing off against the Saint–Germain Front. The calendar called for neutral ground and the Federation sent the battle to Lisbon… there’s gonna be a lot of “coodies” in the air.

Prettiest Veep Eye ever saw.

While D.A.T. happens, let’s check in with COLUMBIA and Mother Mary living on a bus saying a prayer, yada, yada, yada, or something like that, A–men! But the fun does not stop D.A.R.E. because from the Cradle of Democracy, The Veep calls on the Cradle of Civil Rights Mayor to splash the screen with a shout-out to Francis The FO’ist.


Hulero .:. 7E482C2C-2F53-444C-BBE2-42C443622A7E .:. This is a Public Service Message brought to y’all by the Good🥾Year OXO Co. —_•!•— And remember Senator Selina Meyer: la hache es muda. In•deed.

… [N]ow, Ms. Venice, Eye knows that there is a black-sheep in that group about nothing and that postal worker guy that you used to associate with. But, Elaine, Eye is willing to bet the Soul of Jon Meachum that you did not know that öüï don’t select the characters of this already established universe that we [the staff of this most non-consequential blog] connect every once in a Blue ticket. Por ejemplo, doña Louis–Dreyfus, did you know that KRAMER is a key Richard’s at Good🥾Year in Akron, O•HI•O, casi esquina con CLEVELÂNDIA do Norte… which is where all that gawd-damn rubber dope comes from… Yeah Buddy!

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Richard_J._Kramer

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