Habemus Concertaror — and New Vice, aussi

And in Washington, Donald John Trump has a contender now, but FO’ist! ÖÜÏ HAVE IT ON GOOD AUTHORITY to relay to the BriWi audience, D.A.T.:

DRAGO was a fag

Rocky’s theme* goes here .:. 1578DF0D-2DB7-487B-AC05-A3CD787D1DD6 🥊 DRAGO was a fag…🚬, Le Point

* In VF, off-course.

James CarVile poisoned Buddy.
By: Guillermo del Toro

People WHO know

People WHO know .:. 28AAC35F-0035-481E-9CA5-638BDB6097EB 🥊 To quote a gangster, “it was a Glorious Time,” Hellboy and Ernie Holmes (The Weston Assassin) went down to San Juan de Los Lagos to DUKE, IT!, out for the Super Heavyweight Title of Don King’s World. —_•!•_— D.A.T. night, the undercard was better than any Rumble in The Jungle could ever had hoped to have BEAN, Yeah Buddy!

Presidential dog historian Jon Meachum deconstructs the 20 year-old buried secret that CarVile did not want you to know.

Jonathan Meachum:
It was Hillary’s fault really, she indulged that fucking cat SOCQS more than she should have and James wasted no time influencing the pet feline.

Guillermo del Toro:
Give u.s. an example of how CARVILE accomplished this, but FO’ist, how long is your nose, Prof. Meachum? Eye is looking for a Geppetto for my next Hold-IT!-now motion project.

It’s about 3-inches; but don’t quote me on, IT! OK‽… [B]ut getting back to CarVile, perhaps you’ve heard that little jingle on The MoreJo Show, —Eye is sure D.A.T. you have— the one about “know your value” at the end of the programming on Fridays?

Can’t say D.A.T. Eye has.

Ah, yes, how silly of Mí, you are a White Mexican from Jalisco; that’s like asking an NRA Card-Carrying American who never answered the call–of–duty in a Foreign War if s/he is “exceptional”, sorry about D.A.T., Mr. del Toro, let Mí, break this motherfucker down for your “tierra mojada” Soul.

But FO’ist… Heidi Przybyla is going to find out if The United States Postal Service POLICE is going to arrest Donald Trump’s Post MASTER General for destroying the “99%” of the peoples property, period

Now, the first thing EVRYbody should know before going on the Willie Geist Show, is that one does not use VERTE as a background. The Temptations, agree.


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