TRANSCRIPT FROM PHILLY (echo against trumpism)

It’s for the ages… and if the post master general of The United States of America is not arrested by the Capitol Police [lol] for treating the U.S. Postal Service infrastructure as if it was made with Legos®️, then you’ll begin to understand why THIS TRANSCRIPT is FOR THE AGES!!!

MCMX, now D.A.T.! Was a Good🥾Year

MCMX, now D.A.T.! Was a Good🥾Year .:. 813C3847-E955-48DF-B164-CF45C050EDFC 🇲🇽 To put MC•MX in perspective focus on the waining Comet’s tail which made it’s 76th orbit through our night’s quadrant in April, by the time August 20th arrived, little did Mexican dictator, and French enthusiast, General Porfirio Díaz Mori know that exactly THREE months later, to the tee🏌🏻‍♂️, the handsome Russian fellow, (and dog lover) Lev Davídovich Bronstein of today in history fame would be inspired to Jump inside of a Tank and fight [eight years later during The October Revolution] the very General that would give many moments of SATISFACTION to The Rolling Stones in the form of Royalties, which TROTSKY krushed. PLEASED TO MEET YOU, HOPE YOU’ve GUESSED My Name. The ghost “forced” into the « Underground », Mr. Jagger, says hello… motherfucker.

https ://old .reddit .com /r /JoeBiden /comments /icx9kg /tv_reporter_films_nj_post_office_with_dismantled/

… [E]specially for when it comes time for all of the “helicopter kids” to become grandparents, and their future grandchildren ask them what an ORIGINAL Philly Cheesesteak tasted like.

In future context, the cradle of American Democracy, like many other costal cities submerged under the cool waters that melted in Greenland, a territory that Donald John Trump succeeded to steal from Denmark, just before the ex-reality showman won his fourth election and abolished the U.S. Constitution and established a kingdom, transferring all of his Executive Powers to El INFANTE BARRON, who went on to become BARRON THE MUTE, the first from His Name to occupy the throne.

2011... good times

2011… good year, aussi.

and so FOR THE RECORD Michael Moore:
los cubanos, así como los mexicanos,
nacemos donde nos da la chingada gana… wait for, IT!, wait… smile! And [click].

[Cuban kinder-prophet goes here, but FOist… let’s check-out LA MANO DE OBRA].

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /cultura /2020/08/20 /leon-trotsky-ocho-decadas-de-un-crimen-ideologico-y-simbolico-5182 .html


Thursday Funnies:

Madame Atty. Gral.

Madame Atty. Gral. .:. DD114843-5049-4BA6-8B87-3CBEEBE8687D 🏗With All Due Respect… you fool! Ohhhhhhh, The Humanity! It is clear that the Atty. failed to plug her (R/S) ear drum cavity with beeswax. Madame, just because jurisprudence works on the Lego®️snap-as-you-go principles of precedence, it does not mean that the anal retentive mechanical system with which our mail is sorted out does, doña Dana. —_•!•_— Dicho de otra bonita y amable manera, señora fiscal, ONCE THE BIG’ol Pitney Bowes apparatus are sold as SCRAP METAL, it’s GAME OVER, madame, unless Pitney Bowels has sorting machines just sitting inside of its warehouse. Dicho ahora, de otra puta manera, someone at the post office distribution center (where sorting machines are missing) just committed a crime; LEGO a jail cell for the office manager who allowed for the machine breakdow.

Hey, Europa, can you imagine Marianne’s face if M. Macron asked the Frogs to stop buying Michelin tyres?

Or WO’ist! Interjected ISIS, can you imagine the Michelin guide ever giving Ketchup a star.

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