Phoned-in HisTory with Cousin Joe (Ph.D.) — Hold, IT!, now!

Now-now, Dr. Joe, don’t you go twisting Oliver North’s love for Persian tapestry, and don’t go breaking my heart with the Howdy Doody personality traits of the president that could not remember when he was a real sonofavitch.

Sr. Andrés Manuel López Obrador

Sr. Andrés Manuel López Obrador .:. 2A300571-9F2F-43BC-A3AA-E8CDAB55A27B 🔊 Presidente Constitucional de Los Estados Unidos Mexicanos; —PRESENTE:
HOY NO HUBO JAZZ*, y sin embargo señor presidente, viendo el éxito que las benditas cortes de justicia de los bonitos doritos… wait Scratch D.A.T. … que las benditas cortes de justicia de los bonitos distritos de Nueva York han venido teniendo con los mejores atletas de la función pública en México, nosotros en el staff quisiéramos saber, ¿si al aprender el nombre del próximo hombre que ocupara La Casa Blanca —or whatever is left standing of The Oval Office— usted va a comenzar a girar las ordenes de aprensión en contra de Donald John Trump por las muertes de todos esos héroes que ya no le pueden mandar remesas al banco del señor de TV Azteca?

* Hoy no hubo Jazz is on his way to Rocky Point with Héctor Belascoran Shayne to see about some fake gold.


Deer, Alicia Menendez, please relay to Mika Brzezinski to keep all of the TV’s on at the same time, and nevermind that po’country Tuscaloosa lawyer and his nostalgia for the They’s that had their hands up Howdy Doody’s spine, just like the neo-con’s had their elbows all the way up the coccygeal of Ronnie’s “orange crush*”.

* https ://statesymbolsusa .org /symbol-official-item /florida /state-food-agriculture-symbol /orange

Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound…
_or something like that

Aussi, Alicia Menendez, please inform Tiffany Cross that she needs to stop Knot Reading u.s. while she is chewing the Bushes on morning cable known knews shows; and don’t sweat it, G W Bush, or G H W Bush… es de la misma rama, Baby Blue Joy, but you should have seen how Dr. Joe’s coccygeal was wagging while you laid it thicker, and thicker as the segment went on. Classic! Just like Perry Mason did, when he got his autopsys mixed-up for a dinosaur judge. At least we now know, D.A.T. Cousin Joe does in•deed, have a spine. Not sure if he has S.O.U.L., Doh!

And with D.A.T. öüï switch it over to the Bri Wi’s “let’s see what passes for a conversation these days”.

Page One:
The Agriculture Department issued a “Spoiled Peach” amber alert for the fruits and vegetable aisles. Health officials recommend not eating any “Spoiled Peaches”.

Spoiled peaches are identifiable by the red seal of the MAGA council of the KKK.

500 Años Countdown

500 Años Countdown .:. 6AA051C3-DF17-4A00-8D05-345BF48FF8EB .:. Un día como hoy, pero de 1521, don Hernán Cortez y doña Marina incursionarían por los suburbios de la metropolis más sofisticada (West of La Puerta de Alcalá) in search for a place to call home. It turned out, that the Emperor’s dad old abode would suit the “Housewife*” just fine.

* An imperial translator by trade.

Grapes on the other hand (literally) are in season. Grapes: Orille Su Ira Hacia La Orilla.

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