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🎶 Here comes a bikini (atoll) whale!

🎶 Here comes a Bikini (Atoll) whale! .:. CC08B769-C1A7-4F0B-A686-8C041CDE437B 🛰 Later on the MorJo Show, Jon Meacham bounces a check at Studio 57, and Willie Geist bounces Cousin Joe at the He-Bee Jeeves.

Oh, sweet Agent Modem over my Ancestral SCSI Standard… Lou Dobbs followed by a Kanye segment, now D.A.T.’s Entertainment!


The Lencho O'Donnell

The Lencho O’Donnell Show .:. B5D374C3-CD19-4518-BCA9-AF15B58D6DBB 🌀

The Rachel Maddow Show now comes with a Warning:

The names of the hosts on the other side of The Brady-style frame on the picture might be changed to protect the gremlin’s thoughts on Rachel’s mind.

You've heard of Rock Lobster

Well, you’ve heard of Rock Lobster… it’s Knot one of Those .:. FB1DEFA0-9AA4-4916-9FD1-121C88CA984F 🛸 Filmed on K O D A K chrome, off–course with PanameVision.

“Is it possible?”… « Could, IT!, BEE? », find out after Moth Boy gets his Vice-on… In México:

In Context:
Drawing Corruption
“In Crayons*”

To catch up with his neglect of the COVID–19 pandemic during the first trimester of the year of our Lorde 2020, the president of México, “Juanito Trump”, solved the problem that it is keeping the Purple Pundit (in Yellow) up at night and, in a genius (live–evil genius) guey, “Juanito Trump” delegated the backtoschool syllabus to the programming Tzars that he, as a populist presidential candidate, singled–out as being the ROOT-Command of all the problems of Uncle Sam’s backyard: TELEVISION… yeah, buddy.

https ://www .pri .org /stories /2020-08-05 /negligence-blamed-huge-beirut-chemical-blast

... productos de la SEP

¿Me van a decir que no les advertí de que estas son las noticias de México, vistas por un transnacional californiano producto De La S.E.P.? .:. 576E0374-5DD1-45C7-AD71-C1D7F2770C45 *as heard on The Rachel Maddow Show Crayon Edition… [O]n the menu for Lunch Recess: SANDWICH A LA CHICHONA.

In related scholastic matters, the good thing about this most non-consequential blog, is that don Ándres Manuel López Obrador (W.H.O… oh, by–the–way, moonlights as “Juanito Trump” to the delight of oligarchs in the most corrupt place on Earth, next to Beirut in Lebanon, of course) does not read u.s., and John Mill Ackerman is WAY too Chicken Shit to “Say Anything!” ✈️🚂🛸📻.

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