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A.S.O.Te. Defense

A.S.O.Te. Defense .:. 61CADFE7-5970-4259-B56F-C08B28B98958

Deer, Katy Tur: The Answer is, because America.

In Context:  Chuck Todd’s wing-person closed her Wednesday afternoon segment asking what would make someone (a peace officer) handcuff a child and then lay her on the ground face-down at gun point (mind you).

The Shrimp in Trump's Barbie

The Shrimp in Trump’s Barbie .:. 42F027B5-66AD-4E44-B123-8CFDE8F929FF — ÖÜÏ Want The Aussie as a moderator… motherfuckers.

Now, we [the staff of this most non-consequential blog] have arrived to the moment when öüï begin the beguine and start our revolutions (in 33 1/3 r.p.m.) and repeat like a smooth record playing:

Bill Barr's Greatest Hits

Bill Barr’s Greatest Hits .:. 36964C0B-3F5D-41D4-B912-234F6E6675E2 🎚Darkest of The White House Thickets presents: the annunciation of John Donald The First.

Ladies in Gemini, please be advised that we don’t select the transparencies for the news… öüï just overlap these, like in la gran causalidad de este mono en el Sello de Aurora, en Colorado.



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