The They D.A.T. Day Stood Steele: BOUM!

… [W]ith musical guest Phat Bry and Eye Have a Little Boy.

Ocean Front Property in Amarillo

What’s the story Ambassador Story? … and Ambassador Story begins to hum, 🎶 I’ve got some Ocean Front Property in Amarillo .:. EEFAB757-A4FA-4C96-8CB0-B9DEC6B8A52F ⚓️ 🎵 From the prow you can see a shotgun rack… Meanwhile in Venezuela, MADURO has entered the Lucha Libre Ring, and our newly appointed ambassador to the Maracaibo region just threaten RUSSIA in the way that Fort Bliss and Fort Hood soldiers wished D.A.T. their commander–in–chief did. —_•!•_— Oh, the hypocrisy of this 45th Edition of “Give me Liberty… or that mega big boat over there ».

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /mundo /2020/08/06 /futuro-embajador-de-eu-apoya-sanciones-contra-complices-de-maduro-9455.html

Live, from the Former Woodrow Wilson Center cancelled World Series League. It’s time to revisit what people W.H.O. Know claim to be the world’s second* greatest achievement that the power stations D.A.T. BEE around The Globe have BEAN able to pull: NOT MUTUALLY ASSURING DESTRUCTION FOR ALL for the past 75 years since the AXI[o]S of Control challenged the sitting president of The United Allies Complexes of the World.

Still to come on the Orson Wells Knews of the World, it’s the pilot episode of:

The Manhattan Project

75 years later… The Manhattan Project is still inflating the atmosphere. And wouldn’t you know it, Willie Geist, German pretzels are still accounting for the crumbs… —_•!•_—

The Attack of The 50~Foot Wi’men from PLANET CLAIRE!!!… Willie Geist stars as GODZILLA and Former FloriBama congressdude Joe Scarborough stars as Emperor Hirohito’s Ambassador at The U.K.’s Scottish [subs] fueling station.


… [A]nd people who are still not eligible to vote, please be advised that IT IS NOT FAKE NEWS, if the events and names can be SHAPED-SHIFTED into pure unadulterated parody directed at Da’Motherfucking Man—BOYE!… [A]bducted pundit and campaign strategist Tim O’Brian in the role of Ancient Alien Commentator David Childress. Nick Confessore moonlights as a 50–Foot Prop Steely Dan.

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