“It is what it is” starring Donald Rumsfeld

Pilot Episode, where Elise Jordan challenges the audience to think of a time when Americans wouldn’t take, IT!, from The White House, and The Air America crew went, “you go to war with the Army you have… it is what it is”.


My fellow Australians, living in the United States of America —off course— please inform your fellow expat convicts from Mutt Island, D.A.T.: Mail-in Voting is not a Crime, putting a Shrimp on a Barbie, is.

Try again, there is a Pandemic out there, and if you are going to rope–a–dope with the 90’s section of the Countdown until Election Day almost gone, you better have a superb hook.

Still to come, it’s the 80’s countdown on 99 Bottles of Beer on The Wall; like the 90’s, them theys are going to disappear magically, like Jesus-es pet dinosaur.

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