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The Jason Moore you knew

“A bad They in Texas is still better than any good They anywhere else in the world,” 🔫 749B90E8-6F01-4886-AB28-CDFC3C0E67EA 🗽 The Moore you knew and the American Exceptionalism at Ozzy’s piss-stop shop.

The State that brought you, “Two years a slave, longer than necessary!” and the ABC after school special, “Do your chores, don’t be a lazy n i g g e r” by Oswley, Stewart, Chappell, and Lee Atwater. Yup! The same Lee Atwater of Ronnie and Bush 41 fame.

Jump to conclusions

Jump to conclusions .:. D88B9067-DE03-4BF6-B4C5-4DB890D4632B 🕳 D.A.T.’s right, you’re not from Texas, but Texas wants you anyway. It’s a bit simple, but for the record and in a factual way, if! You get upset by the “don’t be a lazy n i g g e r” reference in the Last Week Tonight’s mash-up, then B r o t h e r, you have not been paying attention to just how A b s t r a c t  Donald John Trump has become when it comes to L o w  I n c o m e  H o u s i n g  during his Make A * * * * * *  Great Again rallys.

Over in Washington, Avi Velshi had the night off, and Nicolle Wallace is covering TRMS, technically, D.A.T. just made her:

La Señora de La Casa

Naturally, Avi Velshi, actually loves his job and he told Nicolle, “La Señora de La Casa”, that he would have The Last Word on D.A.T.! And so Avi just kept a-rollin’ all night long. And then Avi Velshi brought out The Darkest Side of The White House Thickets. Stuff everybody already knew, but now with I.C.E. live-action “heroes”.

But FO’ist: it’s “Don’t Kill The Messenger”

The Moore you knew

The Moore you knew .:. 3EE35DCE-E0FE-4DB1-A316-04E12BE1B419 📰 En La Jornada del primo lejano de la Chron . com, in other words, el USA Today, El Paso, Texas, conmemoró un año de los asesinatos de odio en un centro comercial.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /mundo /2020/08/03 /el-paso-un-ano-despues -9464 .html

In Hilo, Hawaii, it’s still Monday going on the .22 hundred hours in pineapple time. Over at aisle 1 it’s a Roll-Back Blow-Out on all sporting goods and outdoors equipment.

Told you there was a Moore in the picture

Told y’all D.A.T. D.A.R.E. was a Moore in the picture, Kid .:. 24D087A6-1D0B-4FE6-AE5C-B4F7C647516D 📽 … [A]nd Eye bets that you think that this screen grab is about a Fat Boy… 🛵

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