“Öüï don’t need know —education” / When pigs fly

The following is a public service announcement that won’t be read.

Or Knot!

Or knot! .:. 4F1685F6-96E2-4CAA-B8BF-033B0599746D 🎩👑

Aurora, you put the Colorado on Morning Star’s face.

Say D.A.R.E. is D.A.T. an avocado green coat youse wearing, or are you happy to see Mí?

*Party review

* Pirate Party magazine, your number one Source for Knots in your Stomach .:. 33F09B63-96CB-4500-848E-EEE024AFF4AE 🦠 Why is this happening, Chris, why? The Undertaker did not get the tip of where the next *Rave is going to spread.

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