Deer, Nicolle Wallace… the name of the Telenovela is

Hey, Purple Pundit, please relay to Garrett Haike that he should quote Matilda’s Favorite son, in other words, they [the Executive Branch] knew exactly was what has been happening, in other words, the cold shrug from the Senate to the working American class, or “pee–ons”, in Trickle Talk, is a classic PANTALION FILMS answer to, “didn’t they see the food lines, in Texas?”.

The answer, off–course to that conundrum is:

Por eso “las patatas bravas” son buenas

Por eso “las patatas bravas” son buenas, but an Earl at tea time is sublime, dice Karime Macías de Duarte.

Yo no soy la señora de la casa

Yo no soy la señora de casa
Weekdays at 4 o’Clock EST
only on Telemundo.


Coming Up in on Ancient Finances:
The Calamari records with abducted reporter and Ancient Aliens host David H. Childress doppelgänger, Tim O’Brian, W.H.O. goes ahead and decodes the German (offcourse it is) codex.

Over at the bossa nova channel, El Black WaPo, Eugene Robinson, is taking a break from the Brazilian sounds and he’s doing a Tango at “The Needles” after the Mexican Elvis set.

To understand The Chron

To understand The Chronicle of Law and Justice in The Lone Star State, one must go back to King Arthur’s court. .:. AE1FEA26-851B-435B-BF33-8FE70F0AB1E4 ⚖️ The Chastity Belt requirement, said Gov. Abbott, “Stays in place”… hanky panky is reserved for the Judges Chambers. —_•!•_— Of interest, in case the FAIR USE OF ALL MEDIA for photojournalism credits at any Educational store gets challenged in court, the DEFENSE submits the proximity of the Feminine Hygiene products on the Chron . com scoop “stock photo” to the trash can to the right of the “Deadhead” employee.

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