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Andy García is in talks with PANTELION Films in Santa Monica, California, to audition for the role of former Mexican president Felipe de Jesús Calderón Hinojosa, of South Park fame

Oh Sinner-man… [I]n Hilo Hawaii it’s the 11th hour, that’s half a Dime in Eastern Standard Time, and a Nickel in the morning, Joe, at Studio 3-A… [S]orry for the interference… And in the words of Bill Maher, in El Ey, where it is way TWO early to tell if there will still bee an America as we knew it, but better, after Tuesday, noviembre 3.

The HisTory Minute

The HisTory Minute. .:. 5C6BDFB6-9BA6-46A0-A0AE-B3D1D78D8DBA 🌕
The desert never lies
… [A]nd Andy García, being Andy García, off–course, that motherfucker went his own way and instead delivered this line*:
Siempre estaremos en evolución, pero nuestro principio fundamental de OPORTUNISMO económicamente disciplinado, ¡nunca cambiará!.

* The names of the innocent at The Daily Beast have been transliterated to protect the investors of the firm.

Later in the programming, it’s «Let’s go Surfing,” Carolina, there’s a full-moon risin’ and Virginia can’t wait to see what happens (in Three months).

The conditions, according to the Science Guy at Forbes magazine, and Eye quotes:

… [W]ill bee Glorious!

considering fair sky is on your forecast, because The Moon will bee so High, —how high, you ask? So high, that the Moon is going to be creeping up on Mars and they will dance from Dusk ‘Till Dawn, —yeah Buddy.

Come on down

Come on down, the Air is Fine! BE3CC371-94B4-44D0-AA34-FB62D9419A5B —_•!•_— Deer, A.P. LeMire:
Are you stupid enough to believe* that Mike Barnicle’s monocle would bee caught dead anywhere near “the subway”, nigga please! Anne would not let him anywhere near fluffy’s litter-box if he did.

* En contexto:

Your Move, Garry… [B]ecause, Cousin Joe just reminded Texans, what a Liberal Democracy (in the true sense of that Capitalist ideology) is all about, and Sally, Democracy under that tag has a hidden hand. For more on D.A.T., Mars Mom (Kasie Hunt) explains, IT!, for u.s. in the boonies, Bunny.

Texas Hold'em

Texas Hold’em .:. 0A64100D-E81D-42C9-82C5-D8AC65F4A795

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