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Episode V; Eternal re-run beyond any season:

It's the old cliché

From the producers that brought you, “We’ll send him off at The Pass” and “D.A.T.L. Bee The They” comes the story of Perseverance on Curiosity. _—•!•—_ In the frame, wearing D.A.T. ridiculous companyman space-age composite Stetson™️, Tory Bruno, explains the maneuver in which the return launch (A Sort of Come Togetherness) will undertake Ten Summer Sets… a splendid Time is guaranteed for all!!! When Mr. K. performs his tricks without a sound (because it’s SPACE, madda•faks and madda•fakas!). It’s all part of The Process, said an exuberant Ziggy Stardust after he ate The Spyders from the planet that he had just passed-by.

In Florida, a hero from the Civil Rights era of the end of the Eisenhower administration hitched a ride on a big rocket that just headed towards Marte, the traveler, however, is not going to Mars, instead, with the aid of an European Space Agency satellite the galaxy is about to gain another hitchhiker. The take–off’s rumble took a wrong tremor route in Albuquerque, and ended up causing a ruckus just outside of Cucamonga. It’s twue.

https ://www .volcanodiscovery .com /earthquakes  /quake-info /2907839 /M4-Thu-30-Jul-2km-N-of-Pacoima-CA-USA .html

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Ground Control, please stand-by for Piano
(The Eddy currents
are at an all-time High)

Major Tom is a news junkie

Major Tom is a news junkie .:. 27DC6C06-EA1A-4FD7-915E-CF5E3FF929B6 🛰 Beers are on El Niño Luc’s tab at Sunset… 🚶🏽‍♂️🚶🏼‍♂️🚶🏻‍♂️🚶‍♂️

And in Washington…

in Nato known news, now

in Nato known news, now .:. 44536E83-293C-4095-8030-9BEBB20296EA 🌻 NOTE TO former Congressman Joseph Charles Scarborough III, Cousin Joe, please bee advised that it is “Demon Sperm,” or seeds, if you are too Southern Shy, aussi please remind that po’blind Alabama country lawyer that it is,  “Alien DNA”; not Demon DNA… in God’s good Eyes, we are all structured in His sequence, even the fallen ones.

The following must bee read in a Brian Williams voice.

Any time now, at the 7am hour, after humanity figures out how a face mask works (in Covid-19 times) NASA will bee sending a package to Mars.

A snapshot from a butcher board at mission control shows that the Purpose of this task is to search for Life in Mars, a sticky note next to the Standard section states, “in hopes that humanity, might return to the motherland, because this planet is fucked.”

Beers are on Luc's Tab at Sunset

Beers are on Luc’s Tab at Sunset — and the Piano got all Drunk, not Mí.

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