The Comic Con Send-off — “Oh Shucky Ducky”

This blog is not associated, triangulated or incorporated in any Guey, Shape or Form to the Comic con franchise…

_ but öüï dig some of their work

Oh, sweet Irony, there’s a Stow-Away on the vessel… Captain! Oh Captain my Captain.

Messrs. K and H. assure the public
Their production will be second to none
And of course HERMAN The Horse dances the waltz

Hello, Sir

Hello, Sir… [D]o you hear them Saints Marching In? .:. AF900187-C07A-49BC-A052-4DB5940743BE 🦠 That’s the sound of Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma, welcoming you on this Trip to the Red Planet.

… [Squint your jeepers and then say this Spaghetti entry and repeat the following cliché]

— Well, Eye did warned you Punks that there would be an MVPS. Didn’t cha’Eye? I mean, what did you expect was going to develop after an Old Gringo in a plastic cowboy hat explained to you how it will be‽ It’s 2020, and there are 98 days left… if you want.


Meanwhile with the mayordomo to the South, well let’s just blame, IT!, on Estambul porque se nombró Cónsul en a Isabel Arvide, “periodista” sin méritos para el servicio exterior que pidió trabajo en una mañanera… y se lo dieron! Dijo el monoaureo.


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