Don’t be shy, SIRENE, bring Marianne with you

Let’s pretend that it is Domino Park, casi esquina con La Calle Ocho, and we’ll ask la gente bonita de Ayotzinapa por París to rotate La Calle Trece.

Musical Guest:

Musical Guest:
Residente and Big Bunny .:. 908A96FB-9244-4CA9-8DEB-58A1EFD7B2EB 📐 … [O]r can you think of better music to have you dancing, Keyleigh McEnany, on that podium at the White House?  Eye means, D.A.T if youse already not wearing any close, like that DeSantis fellow at the Governor’s mansion in Little Havana, you might as well dance for all the Suburbs and Banlieues of the world.

Anyhow, come Tomorrow the trump administration will stop counting in Triple digits it’s current reign (KeyWord: i = of P/R) of racist ineptitude and eternal regrets because come Monday it’s time for another edition of “99 bottles of beer on the wall”.

Someone to watch over Mí

The Big “P”

— C’est Bullshit (C’est n’importe quoi) .:. 56E53C84-D271-445E-9353-39E0F27B38F8 .:. The BigP”, also known as, “the fo’ken Lexique Régional” del chingado Le Parisien n° 23607… and of course, Joachim–du–Bellay is spinning in his grave at Chez Quasi; Reid about, IT! Find out about, IT! — … “Avance Connard” (Insulte ordinaire au volant).

Mientras tanto allá en El Rancho chico de La Maub, La Lucha Libre sigue en cuarentena pero eso no significa que allá en las Fuentes de doña Vilma, la hydroxicloroquina no insista en una tercera caída sin límite de angustias:

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