Still to come at the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room

It’s Kayleigh’s News Extravaganza… starring The 45th President of The United States of America

Something Öüï Can all Re-Late Two:

And just like the Black Diplomats say

And just like the Black Diplomats across The Atlantic Re–Late .:. 8F198B65-94DB-41C1-AB3A-8B43E842E933 🗞 You can see America better from Abroad.

In today’s episode, Kayleigh fixes the “numbers” for the Cognitively Übermensch and main White Suprematist in charge… “you’re not in Kansas anymore, tonton”.

Anyhow, Kayleigh McEnany, you playmate centerfold material YOU, you wanna know what a proper got your shit together place looks like, ask the best Mayor in on God’s Green Earth, Anne Hidalgo, of course. Check it out, Monday to Sunday and, just in case you are in Liverpool Time, D.A.T.s Eight Days A Week that Eye want to fornicate with you, you podium of lies goddess you.

La Hache Es Muda… just like you sHould bee, Kayleigh McEnany!

… Jazz fo’Yo sexy Ho’ass follows, yeah Buddy! In the voice of the one and only: Niño Luc, yeah, Buddy! Now, Kayleigh, Eye is not here to tell no lies, or SpickUlate, but did you know that the name Luc in French is one “K” removed from getting LucKy with you, yeah, Buddy.

La Historia behind that myth is D.A.T. the French stole the K from the Devil himself, because Luc means Light, or something like D.A.T., afterglow… in-deed. Dr. In•Deed.

Anyhow, Keyleigh, have you heard the latest Fake News out of the White House, V.45? DAY sound a little something like this:

In Hilo, Hawaii it's Stormy Weather

In Hilo and Kamuela Hawaii it’s Tropical Stormy Weather Times .:. D89A3646-2AD1-4068-9F8F-34D4E8B4511E 💨⛈🌊 The National Weather Service (KeyWord D.A.R.E. is SERVICE) has NOT, öüï REPEAT, HAASS KNOT named this HURACÁN RAMÍREZ WATCH, so in the STYLO of the 45th President of them united states, öüï is committed to SNATCH that same motherfucking Sharpie™️ that President Trump used to draw a phallus–looking curve onto El Huracán Dorian in Sept. of 2019, when he insisted that after his trip to the Bahamas, Dorian should also fuck Alabama… ’member D.A.T., Stephen Miller?  —“Well DO’ya, punK?”  Because, motherfucker, öüï is naming that weather system over 🌋, Hawaii: The Daniels Tropical Storm 🍍🍍🍍 Ananas for all, courtesy of The Lincoln Project’s Hell Kitchens. … Club Jazzafip du vendredi 24 juillet 2020

The presidents powers will not be questioned, and my nana did not die from the Coronavirus, said Stephen Miller, from the Jared Kushner section of the Advisors realm.

Anyway, Kayleigh McEnany, at the club jazz-a-fip Avishai Cohen shed a tear for that misguided Jew. And, Kayleigh McEnany, judging from his Uncle in Long Beach, California, the Millers seem to be an alright bunch, except for that Evil fuck, Stephen.


God help you all… gonna run out of battery now–you–know, catch you fuckers on Deadline.

22h Central Franco Time

… [A]nd, öüï are back.

TimeStamp: 22h  Central Europe Time

Oh, Kayleigh… Kayleigh, you know what?… It’s Weekend Edition, and youse the host… mamacita!

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