And in the role of Wednesday Addams: Alicia Menendez

Civil War and The Colonel’s secret recipe.

The 1 %'ers

The 1 %’ersnigga please! .:. E505D41B-3297-4548-8E0C-0BA12BE5557E 📰 Page 4, Le Parisien politique: l’operation Nuit blanche gets a stain and Mme. Hidalgo’s political majority cracks under pressure from the kiddie porn watch. “A militant feminist background”, or something like that wanted blood and it appears that they succeeded in gettin it by way of the resignation of the Paris culture deputy, Christophe Girard. Girard, “the inventor of  the 12–hour art marathon” known as Nuit Blanche is accused of the crime of being summoned by the police in a criminal investigation that he did not commit. Page 8, histoires d’été; Les Mots de Chez Nous (6/6): Se Faire Un Dej À Répu Avec Les Kids = to have breakfast with the kids at the Republic neighborhood in Paris / Page 4 photo background; « … [T]’as les colleuses au cul » = ordinary slogan at protests, usually written with a thick marker on a  cardboard and meant as an insult to authority… it’s what the French call dissent, it’s in their DNA. —_•|•_— Across the street, at Churchill Downs, the 3 %´s (a group of right-wing supremacists of a Whiter Shade of a pale horse) are laughing their asses off.

In Local News:

Tropical storm Daniels is on stand-by and getting ready to tag a El Huracán Douglas while Hurricane Hanna stokes the crowd with an “ember attack”. The « catch » has turned into relevos australianos.


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