Law and Order — Criminal Intent

Coming up in the transmission, it’s a mid-week marathon of Law and Order – Criminal Intent.

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Still to come .:. 892BD179-76A6-4874-B7AD-FF1A9B50F843 ⚖️ Ms. Pramile Jayamal¹ grills a cunt  on the Auction block.

¹ The names of the innocent have been changed

Season Two; Episode 1
The Devil’s Advocate, in defense of a cunt.

Eye AM an antichrist

Eye AM an antichrist .:. E38433F5-A86D-42FE-BFBD-292D593C8638 🙏🏼 … [A]nd Eye AM a feminist… in the true sense of D.A.T. word, amen.

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The Moore you Knew (PSA)

Now, Aussie, you’ve heard about Ben Folds Five diagrams… it’s not one of those, this here bee what the Brits in Mutt Island call, a Tri•An•gul• Ation… AND OH, MY SHOCKING NERVES!!! Transliteration is going to bee an Adventure here.

French Bashing 101:

Anuncio_ And probably the only good thing

Anuncio_ And probably the only good thing to ever come out of Marseille, –except for that Beatle’s song intro .:. 6047B23E-0591-4A84-B61D-69CFBA7B10AB 🦠💉 Of course if there is an undisputed champion of hydroxichloroquine on the opinion pages of La Jornada por ‘La Maub”, esta marsellesa es la que controla todos los ‘menjurjes’, of course, and of course Toto, you know exactly what this means… Indeed, Toto, in•deed: aux armes, mad–a–faka! Hoy no hubo jazz.

Still to come, It’s The Billy Barr’s Cooking Show. In today’s episode, The Hon. Richard Barr shows us his secret Vagina Dentata recipe, al denteof course.

menjurje. (n.d.) Gran Diccionario de la Lengua Española. (2016). Retrieved July 29 2020 from

Anyhow, Heidi Pryzbyla, ByLa we have to bring up the tangents in these political tangas, welcome BacK! And here is the discovery of the WEAK, Indian Territory y sus lenguas, with musical guest, The Leningrad Cowboys featuring The Putin Puppets, only on Deadline Washington, Russia Edition where it is 11 o’Clock (at night).

Consulting fee waived

From DEM Mexicans

From DEM Mexicans book of Words .:. C9F7951F-2DEA-45A1-ACC8-2A18F158D321 🦠 Of course, “Eye know nothing about, IT!”, but sources close to the Helsinki Summit of July 2016 all agree, that Donald John Trump is Vlad’s bottom–bitch.

_+_+_+_+_+ Nota al director LARA ⬆️:
Profesor Lara, con todo respeto, si en los enlaces a su repositorio de letras no hay sazón, entonces vale verga la investigación. Here’s why ⤵️ and please DO make a note of, IT!.


menjurje (Del ant. menjuje < ár. mamzug, mezclado.) .:. 9CB410CF-761B-471F-AD2E-4076CC7B69B8 🧙🏻‍♀️
s. m. Mejunje, bebida o preparado de aspecto pastoso o sucio y sabor desagradable.

And in the role of Wednesday Addams: Alicia Menendez

Civil War and The Colonel’s secret recipe.

The 1 %'ers

The 1 %’ersnigga please! .:. E505D41B-3297-4548-8E0C-0BA12BE5557E 📰 Page 4, Le Parisien politique: l’operation Nuit blanche gets a stain and Mme. Hidalgo’s political majority cracks under pressure from the kiddie porn watch. “A militant feminist background”, or something like that wanted blood and it appears that they succeeded in gettin it by way of the resignation of the Paris culture deputy, Christophe Girard. Girard, “the inventor of  the 12–hour art marathon” known as Nuit Blanche is accused of the crime of being summoned by the police in a criminal investigation that he did not commit. Page 8, histoires d’été; Les Mots de Chez Nous (6/6): Se Faire Un Dej À Répu Avec Les Kids = to have breakfast with the kids at the Republic neighborhood in Paris / Page 4 photo background; « … [T]’as les colleuses au cul » = ordinary slogan at protests, usually written with a thick marker on a  cardboard and meant as an insult to authority… it’s what the French call dissent, it’s in their DNA. —_•|•_— Across the street, at Churchill Downs, the 3 %´s (a group of right-wing supremacists of a Whiter Shade of a pale horse) are laughing their asses off.

In Local News:

Tropical storm Daniels is on stand-by and getting ready to tag a El Huracán Douglas while Hurricane Hanna stokes the crowd with an “ember attack”. The « catch » has turned into relevos australianos.


And in the ROLE of CAMAZOTZ: Yasmin Vossoughian

This Show needs an Enema! Eddy Currents are at an all time high, please bear with the Dangling Participles… a continuación.

Fair use of paper media

Fair use data… in case aliens from outer space descend on u.s. [again] and want to re-construct what the fuck happened on God’s green Earth. —_•|•_— ISSY, Cousin Joe: ZEPPELIN goes here. Communication Breakdown, It’s All Gueys The Same.

Page 2020
The deconstruction
of a Beaner*
by El Globo de Boston

… [A]nd now, the rest of the Codex (not to bee confused with a dog whistle):

Set de Llaves españolas

En la imagen, un set de llaves españolas 🔩1C16B065-3692-4153-A1AC-80EE5D3CFF49 ⚙️ HAPPY BIRTHDAY To: CARLOS SANTANA (73 years young).

Moctezuma’s mistake after he read “El Error de Descartes”.

Everyone warned the Emperor not to add lettuce to his tacos, intel from the northern peoples reported that the soil from where the leafy add-on on the menu was harvested from was contaminated. The royal diarrhea that follow would be so epic, that even the great Charleston Heston would star in a trilogy about “Montezuma’s” revenge. Chopped lettuce, however, was not what killed the poor bastard in all of his feathered nakedness. Nope. Moctezuma was used to all sort of traveling “amigas” voyaging deep into his gastrointestinal tract. Diarrhea for Moctezuma was what the mythical vomitorium ( 𓂐was to the good rulers of the SPQR.

Y aunque ustedes no están para saberlo, ni el staff de este tan intrascendente blog para contarlo, gente cercana a los tlaxcaltecas afirman que a Moctezuma no lo mató nada mas la profecía del greñudo pelos de trigo, no.

Aunado a esa superstición, la caída del Imperio de Moctezuma también se debió en parte porque el emperador se aferró en lo que hoy (8 años después del inicio del fin del mundo, Maya) sabemos que es una idea equivocada de Batman.

As mention on the Spanish section of the pre-Columbian Batman tale, Moctezuma, like all of the elite at Texcoco was a very superstitious man, and the open-end wrench set on the “Batwings” only helped to exacerbate his beliefs in the Feather Serpent when he learned that the men riding ‘giant dogs’ and with shinny metal skin came from a land call Spain. Moctezuma, a fan of the Batman carved comix of his universe knew the difference between the Corona-type wrenches and “las llaves españolas” that CAMAZOTZ sported on his cape. So he, Moctezuma, fell head–over–heels over that Hispanic factoid.

Page 26, JEUX
Le Parisien
Lundi 20 Juillet 2020

Mots Mélangés

I bet you think this clip-out is about you

N° 23602… We don’t select the crosswords .:. 041468B4-35EA-4CF9-94F4-98810433C404 —_•|•_— We can only cross check and reference them. Heck, we don’t even coordinate the colors. NIN is on top of REM, and that is all that Eye is going to say, KAYLEIGH McENANY, because i want to fuck you like a Shiny Happy Animal.

« Méfiezvous si elle tire La Langue ! »


And in Washington, Vicky Blew It… Vicky Vale madres.