Dear, Nicole Wallace… öüï love your show, but

Hat’s off to Curly Heilemann’s praise to your uncle, Fox–Wallace, however, with regards to PORTLAND and the Trump Administration Continental United States ren•di•tion program, wasn’t your former boss Rendition Program with unlimited Guantanamo Bay Hotel & Casino stay, the one who invented this dick move (in the free world)?

When Love Rears its ugly head

When Love Rears its ugly head… America, America! Yada, yada, ya•valió•madres; here’s why: those same federal goons are going to be the same Eric Prince, Blackwater mercenaries, who are going to interrupt the Speaker’s of The House inauguration  on January 2021.

Please explain, if Mr. Griffin allows, because this past Sunday’s Chris Wallace interview DID MAKE INTERNATIONAL headlines, and don’t let that Stengel dude deflect the American Rendition Program on Crimea, please Start this dialogue at home, you know, WHERE THE CHICKENS ROOST. And Please, Curly Heilemann, don’t you dare shoot the Messenger.


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