And in the role of Camazotz… Part Two: the batphone

M. Ghosn, vous en faites trop !
La Comarca Lagunera (Torreón, Gómez, y Lerdo) lo saludán… besos hasta Bayrouth en Líbano.

Previously on The Tower of Babel

Previously on The Tower of Babel .:. 28D6FDE0-D2C0-4DAA-803A-8A14AFE4169C 🗼🗺🗿🗽 Rosecrans Baldwin, author of “Paris I Love You, But You Are Bringing Me Down” echoed a former TIME Magazine and Communication profesor at Sciences Po, on how the French Ministry of Culture will lasso themes across platforms to drive, suggest or promote any given message. It’s not propaganda, it must be said if the “text” whispers are for the good of the order… Eye guess.

Among the tools of the Maya “Batman” (not pictured on his bat-cape) is of course a bat–phone:

— Ring,… Ring,… Ring,… ☎️
— 📞 Yelllll–ow?
— Yes, is my nigga there?
— WTF! My nigga who, nigga?
— My nigga in Paris, of course, Sir!
— Ah, yes, hold on a second…
[Receiver is heard screeming at the top of his lungs while covering the implanted microphone on the 📞] FRANÇOIS DURPAIRE* it’s for you, motherfucker!

https ://www .leparisien .fr /international /crise-de-larmes-propos-revisionnistes-kanye-west-peut-il-aller-jusqu-a-l-election-20-07-2020 -8355903 .php

In Hilo, Hawaii, it’s 21h or 9 pm if you are historian, a specialist, and probably a fag like the lucky *Fellow on the above link to Le Parisien, because despite of calling-out the circus-like quality of Mr. Kardashian above, the article gives Kanye an air of political importance that should be unwarranted, however, since the U.S. of A. decided to become the laughing stock of the develop world, öüï [the staff, of this most non–consequential blog] salute him in all of his croakiness Gloire.

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