Deer, Steve Schmitt… Happy Friday!

Are you barefooted in that kitchen?

Still to come

Still to come .::. B5E056F5-2FBE-4E48-80B4-EA324B575EC1 🇨🇳 🎶 you know you make Mí wanna, SHOUT!

Or are you just teasing the audience?

Any how if you are not, barefooted in that showroom kitchen of yours, it is probably because you don’t have heated floors… check it out Mr. Schmitty, Eye knows a guy that can ameliorate D.A.T. (Punto y coma) ‘member that Bill Gates chimney guy?

Of course, this offer is only available for One Trip on the Time Machine, and the CATCH here is D.A.T. Ricky “dead hooker in the trunk” Wilson can’t tag along because he’ UGLY… 🥊



Any hoot, Mr. Schmitty, we are still waiting for the Patton Oswald files on the Mr. Meyer Show (punto y coma) while öüï wait, we [the staff] are headed over to Studio 3A to see about the leaches on Cousin Joe’s soles (feet), you see Mr. Schmitty, Mika is against heated floors in her little Nantucket shack and so D.A.T. D.A.R.E. po’Country LAWyher has to resort to Middle Ages therapeutic remedies.


The Unmasking section and A Closer Look

Meanwhile at Les Halles...

Meanwhile at Les Halles… in Manhattan .::. 2EC4A464-C5D4-4804-8642-3C69FA9D6987 💄 Shop NOW!

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