Deer, Lilly Singh: Eye has no beef with you (punto y coma)

However, if you invoke Mí (again) Eye will go through Evry Page in that book that made Christopher Columbus accidentally find “new” Indias.


Munch–Ah mum–Ah Munch .::. DD4F6F53-9C29-432C-98B2-630718CED99B 📎 It’s a TromBone! And if you took 6th grade French classes on the Late Show last night across The Atlantic, then you know that the Paris Hilton doppelgänger screengrab is a Re-Run from April, 15th… the Day that the Titanic went down.

https ://old .reddit .com /r /mexico /comments /gnn2sy /LA_PÁGINA_DEL_PROYECTO_DE_NACIÓN _DE_MORENA_ES:

Can you spot him

Can you spot the UnMasked asshole in charge?

Love Gun

Öüï  could give RESIDENTE pena ajena and that Bad Bunny a warm fuzzy. Issy… Eye Was Made For Lovin’ You, —Baby.

BATTLE STATIONS! — Relay to all editors D.A.T.
This is not a subliminal message,
on Deadline.
“It’s Twue! It’s Twue!”
It will add Three inches

Nick Confessore’s secret is out! .::. A9C6CFEA-5C85-42E6-AF38-8D1B8465B306 🍆 Wearing a face mask during Coronavirus times adds THREE Whole INCHES to your schlong.

P.S.: So, Mr. Meyer, you think that you can just shoo u.s. over to the next time slot in the programming? Not just yet, Sir, öüï still have to take A Closer Look, if you know what Eye means; AUSSI, Sethy Boy, Lupillo Rivera asked Mí to relay to your writing Monkees, D.A.T. “Daddy Yankee” is a fag.

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