Deer, Susan Page, meet Vilma Fuentes

19 de marzo, 2020
March Madness day 3

Previously on The Cure:
To kill an Arab… ISSY, BFM’er TV, öüï don’t chose Opinions, we [the staff] just relay these —motherfuckers*.

Far away eyes

Far away eyes .::. Thank you Jesus, thank you Lord.

* As an in–kind reminder
« motherfuckers », in the CONFINES
of this here most non-consequential blog,
must be read in a Lou Reed voice…

Anyhow, Susan Page, please relay to Cousin Joe, D.A.T. that motherfucker’s smile during his take of the tally between Joe and Bernie is a CARBON COPY snapshot of Moscow Mitch when asked about seating a SCOTUS justice, ‘member that giddy smile that Mitch gave to that private audience? Well, cousin Joe, every time that you have suggested that Sen. Sanders should drop-out of the race, you make that same giddy face. It even makes MÍ feel as if you are happy that a global pandemic got in the way of the stupid primaries, which as stated before on this most non–consequential blog, only benefit the bottom-line of ad revenue of Media conglomerates. If Bernie drops, it will be Four more years of what the U.S. has already experienced before. But then again, motherfucker, after the COVID-19 dropped it’s LOAD like a Blitzkrieg on the Frogs and the Rosbifs, it’s “A brave new World” the one D.A.T. öüï are all heading into. So, motherfucker, how do you like your rat on a stick prepared? With or without mayo?

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