20h00 in Central Europe Time

ADF’s (those with a window to the street) honored FRENCH hospital workers with a One Minute Round of Applause.

Meanwhile in Florida

Meanwhile in Florida (The Checkmate State) .:. 73542C9E-8FB5-4D85-8B5B-22412CCC2104 Spring breakers continue to honor Vice-president Mike Pence and his excellent handling of making sure that all of the medical staff behind his daily COVID-19 briefing don’t make funny faces when Donald John Trump steps up to the microphone.

*ADF: avec domicile fixe

Over at the Government Accountability Office, Eugene Louis Dodaro, the executive bureaucrat at that “gig”, kept in line when “the” gwar–thyme president   Donald John Trump said that the Oval Office is not a shipping company. When asked why the United States of America was not SHIPPING supplies and life–saving ventilators to HOSPITALS in the America that “he” and he alone MADE GREAT for Vladimir Putin and SHYNA!, Gene Dodaro said that the USPS is reserved for Amazon and Apple shipments. Mr. Dodaro suggested that if American Hospitals were in DIRE need of ventilators, state governors should go to “America’s Store”: KMART.

🎶 Everybody’s moving,
Everybody’s moving,
Everybody’s moving, moving, moving, moving
Please don’t leave me to remain .::. CE8C871F-6DBF-4D17-AD7F-ADF4EB994E95  👨‍⚕️

* Dr. Fugazi

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