Deer, Cousin Joe — Take mí out to Yellowstone

🎵 Buy mí a geyser with a zero–interest loan, Eye don’t care if the fuck’n Park goes dry.

—– it’s the 7th inning stretcher, and in Local Known News, Paris is about to go under Curfew, with a “Capital See”.

It has begun

It has begun .:. 052BD264-C445-4954-8E8B-456961FA570E 🧂Don’t shoot the messenger. 🍰 What would Mika do, if this “Crap” happened on Willie Geist day off?

Over in Rome, rumor is spreading like a “Bat Out of Wuhan” that if your sweet grandfather/mother is over 80 years–old, doctors are humming the M.A.S.H Unit Anthem that goes, “Suicide is Beautiful”, because FAITH ALONE —motherfuckers— won’t sustain u.s. Anymore.

Sadly, Mr. Trump (president) Time won’t accept the FED’s money; there’s a Bad Religion Thesis about this at U.S.C. Communications Wing of South Central El Ey.

The Wave is a coming

The Wave is a coming .:. CC035524-DA21-4E21-B310-FDB898D231B8 🦠🗺🌊 Eye cannot lie a tale.

In Hans Nichols updates, D.A.T. motherfucker is running High, according to Joe Scarborough, check it out, because OÜÏ don’t Lie, like that “Roberto” Pinocchio feller.

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