And Starring as Larry David: himself

The good thing about this most non–consequential blog is that Johnatan Swan —pretending to be a Rosbif on Last Week Tonight on HoBO TV— does not read u.s… but speaking of AX iOS body spray for the Frogs:

His Truth is MARCHing on

His Truth is MARCHing on .:. “his” truth is MARCHing on.

GLORY, Glory, Hallelujah
Mike Allen’s soul left his
“Happy Friday” body spray
when he learned that Roger Stone
is one of the Born–Again criminals
next to Jesus on the Cross.

The Gospel of greed

The Gospel of greed .:. 8DE8CA97-358C-406C-B077-97A9B4C98A7B 🙏🏾 PROSPERity GOspel “You get a Bentley! –You get a Jet Airplane! — You get a Mansion!!!”. A–men. 💎 Silk & Diamond sulfates courtesy of El WaPo and Colin Jost at NBC Studio 8A, a.k.a., the church that George Carlin blessed.

Praise The Lorde! — Praise his « Lard »*.

https ://www .washingtonpost .com /opinions /2020/02/28 /trump-reckoning-has-come/

* _D.A.T.’s “MANTECA,” in Santo Domingo’s School of The Americas, Spanish.

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