Crash Course in Brain Surgery — Hoy no hubo Jazz

Deer, James Hetfield, Ronnie Van Zadt thinks that you —motherfucker— are a pussy…

En el ruedo

En el ruedo .:. 63E8737E-4B65-4350-BCF4-04ACA1BA7702 😈 U.S.M.C. approved!

_and my man Dave Mustaine is feeling like Pete Davidson did with Loius C.K., “at–the–time” when the “Lulu” outed him for smoking pot… or something like D.A.T… you sir (Hetfield) bring great discredit upon yourself, “the band”, and Kirk’s “Filipino–girl” harem. If you, sir, were half the man that taunted Mötley Crüe in the early days of decadence in El Ey, you would bitch-slap yourself in front of a mirror, strap your guitar and jump feet first on that motherfucking stage. Now go get some Coronas and expand your fucking latitude, you fag!

Green Hell

Green Hell .:. E88B2D7E-B0D1-4D4D-BABE-ED27A27A3AFA

The thing that Should not Bee, —you dig? As in, Vladimir Putin should not bee all like: Nyet spaseeba, Donald Trump “Ain’t my bitch” when the entire World —and then some— know that Donald is ‘the’ ONE.

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