“It’s the same old song”, no more — Bill de Blasio is a standup guy

You could be forgiven if you jump to conclusions and go all Harvey Weinstein on Chris Matthews “blitzkrieg” reference about Bernie’s big take in Vegas, but then you would miss out on what makes watching Hardball fun, in other words, when  Chris Matthews steps on his own tongue, it’s hilarious.

And as this segment just showed, and as a forward–media observer, we [the staff] find it a better exercise in pointing out the missing angles in the frame that the peacocks are trying to sale; POR Ejemplo, Raquelito:

Don’t forget about the best motherfucking medical doctors in the planet, not just the leap to eradicate illiteracy.

🎵 Don’t try to say you’re sorry
Don’t say he drew his gun
They’ve gone and grabbed old Ronnie
He’s not the only one saying:

Just the facts, Sir

Just the facts, Sir, no need for flexing the company’s feathers.:. A821219F-6055-489E-8E42-B72958020BAF 🦚 Some say that to the victors go the spoils, or something like that, and because others say that all is fair in love and war, —or something like that; so, unless you are ready to give up the Freeways, the rockets that made it possible to hitch a Satellite as the main payload on a rocket, and of course, Rammstein popping 99 luftballons, and those “Negra Modelo’s” at your favorite hipster taquería, then maybe the reference made by this Capitol cop should be taken as precisely D.A.T., a reference on a lightning takeover of JAMES CARVILLE’s thumb-up his ass democratic party… not that France has a thumb up her ass, don’t get u.s. wrong, France today is picking up where Lafayette left off, but 88 years–ago today the 4th Republic sure the fuck did, just like the Make America great Again nation does today.

In reel thyme:

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