Coming up on Bob Dylan’s Radio Radio Theme Radio Theme Hour: Vanessa Hauc

But FOist, please stand for the Pledge of Allegiance, Star Spangled Marseillaise mash-up as rendered by a Sammy Davis Junior’s hologram via Satellite from VEGA.

Rewind is for Bad Boys

Rewind is for Bad Boys .:. 4BBD2CA5-CAAF-41CC-A833-894E9F120F32 … and whatever happens in Vegas, stays in ROME.

Sometimes Eye feels like a motherless black jew child,
in the get-tow
[A Chorus Line: In the get-tow]
in the get-tow of Them Needles…
Ahhhhhh, “Chucky Ducky”.

Any tĂș over a Big number is a

Any tĂș over a Big number is a? Anyone? Any tĂș over a Big number is a? Anyone? .:. D6B17CCD-EDC2-4F55-9611-51BB10A7219F ✔ Any little tĂș over a Big Number like them peacocks D.A.R.E. is a SQUARE, — of course, Ferris; and if you want to turn it into a Block ask Ernie (Enrique, en Telemundo) to turn Jew into a little THREE.

Answer to Ex. 22:
Times Square.

Well Eye never been to Spain
But Eye kinds of likes the music
say the ladies are Insane D.A.R.E.
and they sure know how to Use It
Con Ayahuasca
Con TĂ© de Tila
They never loose it
Eye Can’t Refuse It.


1936, now in Teathers .:. 76814F1D-1D1E-4951-9881-E0BD636FDDD2 FOUR! Now Eye’ll never dance with another, oh—since Eye saw her Standind D.A.R.E. — Queen & Slim follows, the making of, COUNT CHOCKULA.

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