Weekend Weather with Zbigniew Brzeziński — D.A.T. Parasite

Previously on, “Forced Perspective and Reaction Formation”, Uncle Miltie* was in the process of man’xplaining to Ciara, the Blaxploitation Perils of Ru Pauline and ‘Chad’.

El Clima en Top Gear

El Clima en Top Gear .:. BE088A09-868A-452E-898C-8CA01C2936D9 🗺 …

Ladies in Gemini, please cover your eyes as the next segment is a ‘message’ in “a bottle” disguised as a love letter to the « La Concha de Cathy Anne », and Mitch Che, please relay to Cathy Anne, that D.A.T. Ho D.A.R.E. had me at IKEA meatballs; El Pollo Loco, now that —motherfucker— is nuthin’ but Icing on the Venus mound.

Cathy Anne, all that Eye is sayin’ is that maybe your parasites would enjoy meeting the best parasites in the whole wide–world, let Mí introduce your Pollo Loco®️ invites to our Escalope de Poulet Provençale drop-in’s.

All of Mí

Your Crack, my Brown Sugar .:. B865307C-735E-4ECC-B7B4-3496CC9CE6DA — It’ll be like a Blue Heaven. I’ll even give you ALL of the Weed!!! …………………. 8 hours later WEEKEND UPDATE, lasamigasde Cathy go with Oscar the Grouch Amoebas, instead. Reached for comment, the Cookie Monster said that it’s for the best, adding, “Say no to Crack®️and never hit the pipes without suspenders.

TimeStamp in HILO, Hawaii is:
20:11:34 in HST
And the Mercury sign is a lovely
71° in American Currency
22 in The Rest of the World Celsius.

Dear, Lorne Michaels

Dear, Lorne Michaels: thank you for the Birthday Card and the collective “OUIJA BOARD hands over the wine glass” salute .:. 1C842784-D172-435B-BDC5-45299B0C7E4C —_•!•_— … but speaking of Whine, you’d never guess who is a Whinny Little Bitch in Real Time? Hint-hint, that Werewolf spends his New Years in Maui. Eye never thought that this would be true, but Steve Bannon is right about one thing, CHUCK TODD’s republic is the Manifest Destiny  that your  of them federalist papers that you chose, Sir. In the sexy voice os Stephanie Ruhle: you can’t blame the player, when Adrianne Elrod went ahead in 2015/16 and snubbed the American Idiot  in at Hanna’s shack in Montana, o algo así. Así que Billy–Boï, aquí no hay mas que de–dos SOPAs, una es OLIGARCA TIRANICA; now showing in Full IMAX experience; and the other selection from the menu, —motherfucker— is in BLOOM.


El Clima en Top Gear: https ://www .express .co .uk /news /weather /1232745 /BBC-Weather-forecast-weekend-rain-UK-temperature-latest-Met-Office

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