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Kick Start My Heart

Top Gear meets Top Fuel Funny CARS starring .:. 8AA7C936-ECFD-4D84-8E69-503E2431B980 🚗 Attention sketch[y] righters, the following clip is being brought to youin reel delayby a blessinfromUncle MiltiesENDOWMENT for the Chads, and a grant .:. M.A.D.E. .:. possible by the Ron Burgundys San Diego Public Library fund.

Over in Babylon 2, the minute men are circling the 8 o’clock hour on the past meridian dial of Brian Williams kick–ass Rolex®️, in Paris, France, it’s 2 in the morning on any given montre.

Indeed, College

Indeed, college is where Eye went wrong .:. 8F3AB2A9-F435-4480-B6D8-EC6E3A9F7E6B —_•!•_— Don’t Shoot France 24!!! Boat picture courtesy of Radio France on TV/stream.

And if you took a moment to not read this most non–consequential blog you would be forgiven for thinking that D.E.M. Sirens on the Haute-de-Seine den did not get “BLISTERS” from all of the misinformation going around in HOUSTON, o mismo en ISSY–Les–MOULINEAUX.

En contexto

En contexto, para doctor Marie-France Emmaüs .:. D911B45C-3EB7-46A6-A794-A982C4BC1F74 💫 Dear, Dr. Marie-France, i, Armando Segovia /Armando Serrano Prieto, sincerely hope that you find the humor in this week’s edition of La Semana Que Philippe Labró. ✝️ We [the staff of this most non–consequential blog] remind all of your staff at 32 rue des Bourdonnais (75001) that öüï do not, [WE repeat] öüï do not chose the news of the THEY, as STUDENTS OF JOURNALISM we simply contrast these actualités with the themes that orbit our captivity in France; that is to say Doctor, that contrary to what the Legal Aid on your staff might interpret from pg. 2 of the Mémoire from the Préfecture de Police, —summarized in one paragraph, no less, against me— the 7éme bureau dépôt (in collaboration with the Mexican embassy foreign service 2011/15) made of me a captive of la Île-de-France. —_•!•_— FOR THE RECORD, it would be hypocritical of Armando Segovia if Armando Serrano Prieto did not thank you for keeping the most important document in a travelers’ arsenal, safe from the dangers of the most beautiful streets in the whole wide world. Thank you, and from the bottom of our broken black heart öüï congratulate president Emmanuel Macron for awarding the Legion of Honor to the cause that your institution fights to ameliorate. En horabuena.

* https ://www .academia .org. mx /espin /respuestas /item /enhorabuena

Indeed, don Labró¹, indeed, and to add insult to injury, we [the staff] would be out of synch if we did not copy-left the fuck outta them New Yorker² when we relay to the CNEWS Matines —who bythegüey, do not read us— and agree with Adam Gopnik and his proposition that the French Legion of Honor, in the American sense, tends to not be (we repeat) tends not to be awarded to a blank vault of facts, as was the case with the devalued Presidential Medal of Freedom that was rushed for the Emperor’s State of the Union federations Address in Washington, D.C. u.s.A.


1. lecteur@cnewsmatin.net; Matin Plus. Nº 2526 7/2/2020. https ://rss .cnews .fr/ pdf /NEP /20200207

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https ://imgur .com /IgfHPGL .gifv The Union Jack Being Removed From The EU Council Building in Brussels.

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