And of course, Al3ister Crowley… was a fag

Happy birthday EVE (nu) “they” day, Baby Jesus!

The perfect holiday gift

Critical Thinking. The perfect Holiday gift .:. 90CB7DB2-10E6-440E-A1E5-5B1286675FEB •£• Chapter “F”: 90CB7DB2-10E6-440E-A1E5-5B1286675FEB •£• Section “F”: Of his own ingenium, let him devise other methods.

“Magick in Theory
In Practice”

It’s High-Noon in Central Nato Thymes, in the year of our LORDE MMIXX, with Ay Man Mo Hy El Din and Alex Sorkin on the Witt network.

First Up is our new segment, GODWIN’s LAW Para Lelos (y Lelas También).

Like Clockwork for dummies

Like Clockwork for dummies .:. 01622C28-0C0F-4572-8714-EDC745DDF000 •^!^•

Our first segment takes us back to Fort Collins, Colorado, where this most non-consequential blog was conceived  in 2009. It was in that beautiful “Powder River” where we [the staff of this most non–consequential blog] first heard the word “Alt–Right”; birtherism was about to get INAUGURATED and from our Crystal Ship, we reckon that the Rise of Donald Trump to power coincides with the 100–Year anniversary of what Wikipedia claims was the Rise of Adolf Hitler to Power in 1919. It took that son-of-a Bitch 13 years to take over Germany, and of course, the heart of Vichy, here in France; Franco in Spain, The Pope at The Vatican, Il Duce in Rome, and Hirohito in Japan.

… It’s an End of Armageddon Blowout Mx-Más, for this most Festevus “They” Day.

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