And of course, Al3ister Crowley… was a fag

Happy birthday EVE (nu) “they” day, Baby Jesus!

The perfect holiday gift

Critical Thinking. The perfect Holiday gift .:. 90CB7DB2-10E6-440E-A1E5-5B1286675FEB •£• Chapter “F”: 90CB7DB2-10E6-440E-A1E5-5B1286675FEB •£• Section “F”: Of his own ingenium, let him devise other methods.

“Magick in Theory
In Practice”

It’s High-Noon in Central Nato Thymes, in the year of our LORDE MMIXX, with Ay Man Mo Hy El Din and Alex Sorkin on the Witt network.

First Up is our new segment, GODWIN’s LAW Para Lelos (y Lelas También).

Like Clockwork for dummies

Like Clockwork for dummies .:. 01622C28-0C0F-4572-8714-EDC745DDF000 •^!^•

Our first segment takes us back to Fort Collins, Colorado, where this most non-consequential blog was conceived  in 2009. It was in that beautiful “Powder River” where we [the staff of this most non–consequential blog] first heard the word “Alt–Right”; birtherism was about to get INAUGURATED and from our Crystal Ship, we reckon that the Rise of Donald Trump to power coincides with the 100–Year anniversary of what Wikipedia claims was the Rise of Adolf Hitler to Power in 1919. It took that son-of-a Bitch 13 years to take over Germany, and of course, the heart of Vichy, here in France; Franco in Spain, The Pope at The Vatican, Il Duce in Rome, and Hirohito in Japan.

… It’s an End of Armageddon Blowout Mx-Más, for this most Festevus “They” Day.

Intercom mission with Alex Sorkin

Deer, Alex Sorkin… welcome to the vessel that is this most inconsequential smart phone. Let’s talk about toilettes, eh!?

They all have that Mexican "brain tumor"

The breathing props behind the main Loo-on-the–Rally Circuit of hate all have the newly discovered “Mexican Brain Tumor” .:. 8A7A4971-C011-402C-A178-546B6135A0E4 •|• notWITTstanding, just so that we [the staff] don’t be MISunderstood, and to be fair, the so–called “patient zero” of the newly discovered “Mexican menace” was discovered inside of an Argentinean bookstore, homeopathy experts in the service of Santa Barbara, California’s own, Dr. John Mill Ackerman, an unofficial spinster for the Mexican government regime known as “El Pejato” puts forth the proposition that the ‘brain-dead’ malady contracted by “Patient Zero” show traces of an earlier curse known to Netflix viewers as “The Man on the High Ivory Castle”. Medical trials are not going to be required since the “federal screening” for “Patient Zero” was already cleared by Professor’s Ackerman wife, who also occupies the post of Minister of Internal Affairs for public officials, which the Ambassador from México to Argentina, already identified as ‘patient zero’,  most certainly  falls into that pay-grade category.

And still to come, to celebrate the arrival of Adam Sandler’s Hanukka song, Godwin’s Law takes a trip from Matehuala (San Luis Potosí), hasta Guatepeor (República de Guatemala) to break-down the methods and not necessarily the Status Quo (institution/establishment/regime/rule of law), to the Mayor of the most beautiful city in the Ile-de-France, Anne Hidalgo.

But, Don’t Let Mí Down. With Peter Brown on the rooftop at the Gibraltar City Hall.

The Way Trump is Speaking

The Way Trump is speaking, they’re going to Crucify Him (Chuy) again .:. 324A5D77-20D6-4A59-8A35-AD05190958FA •|• Front and Center on the screen grab, Peter Brown, who joined the ranks of the unemployed after Paul broke a Glass, that which Yoko had filled to the brim.

Christianity Today! Christ—Jew know it ain’t EASY.

Segmento publicitario from Ajustes FIFTH AVE.

IT’S ANOTHER Jerry David miraCLE, y’all!

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... [A]nd in Paris

… [A]nd in Paris, the “crowned” prince ordered that there be NO JAZZ on the scene.

But hey, at least it’s not like being the subject of an IMPUNE god like the “crowned” prince of the Sauds, eh‽ It is as if THEY are giving THEM Festevus miracles A güey for FREE.