Knight at The Opera… Eye gknew it

It was the Night before them Polls started talking, when that “Vlad Bastard” blamed Les Kurwas Munch for starting the “Bracero” experience. Look it up ya’lazy comrade.

https ://www .japantimes .co .jp/news/2019/12/25/ world/ politics-diplomacy-world/ putin-accuses-poland-colluding-hitler-anti-semitic

On the Hollywood front, Daffy Duck played the role of “don Giovanni” on the Italian front, in later versions of the re-enactment Brad Pitt would try to peg the signature “Bongiorno” that was ahead of “The Inglorious Basterds” même.


And in FRANCE, oh in France… youse gonna have to wait for it Doc, wait, wait, Eye said, WAIT you Inglorious Salopard!!!

https ://youtube .com / Buongiorno

Señor monero, Rocha

Señor monero, Gustavo Rocha, por favor sostenga la señal abierta; La Estrella de La Mañana tiene una pequeña petición para usted.

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