… and in WaWa Land, Natasha Bertrand delivers the Knews while riding a pony on the Alex Sorkin show

… [A]nd with D.A.T. öüï switch it over to Mockingbird Witt at Morning Side Park.

... if your dad Quacks like a Duck

… if your dad Quacks like a Duck.:.4AA3E3BC-F93F-4E77-A433-B5A00413F88C •|• Chances are, he is going to turn your “quiet” ass into a duckie. -•_!_•- SON, you, like Greta, have 5 years, you hear?

But FOist:
Musical Guest…
All the Young Dudes… scratch D.A.T.

All The Young Gretas, and might we [the staff] add:
FuCk thd Slobo Humping Donald Trump mail order wife.

DeAr, Baron Trump, “you’ll be a woman too”, and yes, Greta is a bigger man than you; if you listen to your IDIOT brothers, your daddy’s girl, and of  course, Rudolph “the lying nose” rainDEER.

ANUNCIO: deer, Westfield Mall,
Thank you for the “RILLETTES”
the best! And did Öüï mention,
WE did find the KEY,
thank you.

PLEASE, please, please. Tell your Brother-in-Law that the world does not need another ALFONSO REYES.
Son of a treasonous traitor
turned “poet” and patron saint of Mexican Lizards at the IHEAL and La Sorbonne.

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